Stand Straight! The Negative Impact of Slouching

Observe how you’re sitting or standing right now. Did you automatically straighten your back? We subconsciously position our bodies in certain ways…one of them being, slouching. Poor posture can cause negative affects to the body. Here are a few:

Breathing – Slouching can cause poor circulation by restricting blood and oxygen flood to the lungs. This will result in deeper and faster breathing and can cause chronic hyperventilation.

Sore Muscles – When sitting or standing in a constant slumped position, this will train your muscles and tendons to remain slouched resulting in a misaligned spine. Training our bodies to stand up straight will cause less stress on your muscles.

HeadachesMuscle tension from poor posture can lead to tension headaches due to muscle tightness and give us migraines.This is another example of how our muscles try to adapt to the pressure that is being weighed on them.  

Depression – Sometimes our mental state tends to be overlooked. Studies shown that slouching can cause decreased energy and depression. However, just standing straighter can result in higher energy levels and a better mood.

How To Stand Straight  – The best trick to get your spine to straighten more is pretending that there is an imaginary string pulling you up from your neck and keeping your head up. Your muscles will feel less strained and you’ll feel better about yourself.
Keep your shoulders back have your back straight should feel your head move back naturally.


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