I almost never write reviews, but feel compelled to share my experience with NJ Spine and the outstanding care I received from Laura and Dr. Chang. As a mom of two babies, I have put continuous strain on my body despite my progressing neck and back pain. Many mornings I would wake up unable to get out of bed without the help of my husband and ibuprofen. I hoped the pain would fix itself and continued to push through. One morning, I woke up in such excruciating pain it brought me to tears. I could barely move my neck without feeling shooting pain. I needed relief immediately. After a google search, I came across NJ Spine and made a call that changed everything. From the moment I spoke to Laura and described how much pain I was in, she made it her mission to help me get better ASAP and somehow found time for me to be seen that day, despite an already full schedule. As soon as I walked into the office, I was greeted with a receptionist who was made aware of my situation and had everything prepared for me to be seen right away. She even typed my personal information into the iPad for me bc she knew I was in so much pain and she could do it quickly. I was seen by Dr. Chang minutes after arriving, and he sat down and listened intently as I cried through the pain I was living with for months. He handed me a tissue and assured me that they would find a way for me to get back my quality of life and wake up pain free. I could tell he truly cared and was knew he would be able to help me feel better. Laura dug into my insurance information and explained what things were covered and how I could get the help I needed without racking up crazy bills. Being out of network made this challenging, but Laura was determined to help me. Her bedside manner was exceptional- she was comforting and made me laugh while still being clinical and assertive. After my appt, she called almost daily to check in on me and update me with a pain management plan that would work with my insurance and schedule. The level of care, compassion, and urgency Laura and Dr. Chang provided is above and beyond any experience I’ve ever had. If you are experiencing back pain and need relief, do yourself a favor and call this office now. I’m so glad I did.