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Post-operative Rehabilitation at NJ Spine and Wellness

At NJ Spine and Wellness, we understand that coming back from a surgical procedure can be a difficult, and sometimes lengthy process. It’s natural to worry when you are having surgery. Even if it’s a routine procedure, you have to prepare for the surgery. You also need to think about the recovery and how long it will take to regain mobility.  The NJ Spine and Wellness team is here to help our patients heal after surgery. From natural pain management to injury rehabilitation, our post-op physical therapy program will help you get better, faster so you can return to living your everyday life.

We encourage patients to come in for a consultation with us before scheduling a procedure. Our team will go over the risks and benefits with you and discuss a post-op treatment plan. Post-surgery, we will help you manage your pain, regain strength and mobility and make sure you are recovering properly.

Coping with Post-Op Pain

After having an operation, it’s typical to experience swelling and inflammation at the incision site. Physiotherapy treatments including hot/cold therapy and laser therapy can all help to reduce inflammation. Controlling inflammation and swelling helps to manage and reduce the need for medications. Our physiotherapy treatments also increase circulation and bring fresh oxygen-rich blood to soft tissue. This helps to flush out waste and support the body’s internal healing process after a surgery.

Post-operative care can begin as soon as you return home from a procedure, or if you are immobile, as soon as you have medical clearance from your doctor. The NJ Spine and Wellness team in Old Bridge, Freehold or Matawan will then develop and customize a recovery plan based on factors like age, body type and the severity of the injury. The team will work with you on post-operative exercises that involve range of motion as well as exercises to improve joint and muscle mobility.

Schedule a Consultation Today

NJ Spine and Wellness offers a multidisciplinary approach for post-operative patients. Call us at 877-333-6579 to schedule a consultation today. Visit the NJ Spine and Wellness location page for details on specific hours and locations for our Old Bridge, Freehold and Matawan centers.