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Whether you have a muscle, tendon, ligament, or joint injury, we offer state-of-the-art care to help you return to your sport as quickly as possible.

Treatments available include:

NJ Spine and Wellness offers a comprehensive approach for those with sports related injuries. Our team will take a comprehensive history of your athletic background, your injury, we will perform appropriate physical exams, order imaging if necessary, and provide a custom tailored plan for the injured athlete. NJ Spine and Wellness facility evaluates and treats many sports related injuries including injuries to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, neck, low back, hips, legs, knees, ankles, and feet.

The Sports Medicine team is comprised of Board Certified Doctors who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This type of physician is an expert in nerve, muscle, and bone and treats injuries that affect how people move. Multiple treatments are utilized in the treatment of sports related injuries and most solutions include non-surgical options for musculoskeletal conditions. These treatments include medications, joint injections, trigger point injections, epidural injections, bracing, ergonomic recommendations, training alternatives and strategies, and therapy and exercise prescriptions. The ultimate goal is to maximize the patients function and return the athlete back to their activity.

Once a condition is diagnosed and a plan is made, our doctor will stay in contact with your therapists. The sports medicine physical therapists at NJ Spine and Wellness will work with our Medical Doctor and keep them informed of the athlete’s progress. This team approach provides for a more customized treatment plan that will get the athlete back on the field of play.

Our therapy gym utilizes an array of exercise equipment and modalities to complement a patient’s athletic program. The therapists will initially work on pain reduction, then move on to restoring range of motion, next strengthening the affected area, and finally guide sport specific movements. Visit our NJ Spine and Wellness location page for a detailed list of location and hours available.




Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 8:00
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With a variety of staff in the fields of chiropractic, physical therapy, pain management, acupuncture, nutrition, and sports medicine, you get better faster. Our premier and multi-disciplinary approach to care at our NJ Spine and Wellness Center’s make all the difference in your healthy recovery.

Dr. Peter Bufano
Dr. Peter BufanoChiropractor
Dr. Bufano is Board Certified in New Jersey, specializing in musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatments. Dr. Bufano continues his post-graduate studies in sports medicine, whiplash, mild traumatic brain injuries, as well as, Neurology.
Dr. Daniel Neissany
Dr. Daniel NeissanyDirector of Physical Therapy
Dr. Dan believes that pain does not occur out of the clear blue sky; there has to be a causative factor for the pain we feel. As a result, he utilizes the Selective Functional Movement Assessment as part of the process of healing a patient.
Courtney Winter
Courtney WinterAcupuncturist
As a Licensed Acupuncturist, a ten year veteran of the healthcare industry as a former EMT, it’s safe to say that NJ native Courtney Winter knows how to best deal with life’s pains and stresses.


NJ Spine and Wellness has a number of five-star reviews online, and we are proud to be your trusted source for sports, spine, and functional therapy. Leave us your review and get a FREE NJSW “Nike Dry Fit” T-Shirt!

This is the best physical therapist office around! Dr. Bryant has fixed all of my shoulder issues after months and months of no one else being able to help. All of the therapists and staff are so friendly and knowledgeable.


Amazing results in a short time! This is my second week for treatments by chiropractor Corey and therapist Maria. My back and knees haven’t felt this good in many years. I feel like I’m part of the family from the moment I walk in the door. I will be choosing this office for all my chiropractic needs from now on.


At The Spine and Wellness Center I have been receiving amazing treatment from Dana, Sam, Greg, Leo, Bryant and everyone who works there. They are all amazing people and even better physical therapists.


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