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Sprains and strains are common sports injuries that can keep you on the bench if you don’t take time to recover. The team at NJ Spine and Wellness offers multidisciplinary treatments to help sprains and strains heal so you can get better faster and safely return to your regular activities. Call or make an appointment online today at any of their offices in Matawan, East Brunswick, Freehold, and Old Bridge, New Jersey.

Sprains & Strains Q & A

Is There a Difference Between Sprains and Strains?

Many people use the terms sprain and strain interchangeably. The injuries are similar — both involve overstretching or tearing the soft tissue around a joint. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. 

Sprains affect the ligaments that connect bones in a joint. A strain affects your muscles and the tendons that attach your muscles to the bones in a joint. 

The most common types of sprains are in the ankle while you’re most likely to strain a muscle or tendon in your hamstring or lower back. 

What are the Signs of Sprains and Strains?

Sprains and strains cause similar symptoms, including pain, swelling, and reduced flexibility and range of motion. Sprains tend to cause bruising around the injured joint. If you strain a muscle, you are likely to experience a painful muscle spasm near the damage. 

What are the Common Causes of Sprains and Strains?

Sprains and strains are common sports injuries, and you can hurt yourself while running or jumping. Many sprains occur when you suddenly change directions or collide with another player. 

You can also develop a sprain or strain during a slip and fall accident or while lifting a heavy object or overexert yourself. Repetitive motion can also lead to sprains and strains. 

Your risk of these injuries is higher if you’re new to exercise, don’t warm up properly, or use improper equipment or shoes. 

How Do You Treat Sprains and Strains?

The team at NJ Spine and Wellness begin treatment by diagnosing your injury. Your provider asks questions about your injury and examining the affected joint. In some cases, they order X-rays or MRIs to see your injury in more detail or rule out a fracture. 

Your provider then tailors your treatment plan to address your specific needs. If your injury is mild, your provider might recommend the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation). 

They might recommend physical therapy to improve strength and flexibility in the connective tissue and muscles around your injury. 

In severe cases, you may need surgery. The expert orthopedic surgeons at NJ Spine and Wellness offer minimally invasive surgeries to repair torn ligaments, tendons, and muscles. 

Depending on the severity of your injury, you should be able to return to your regular activities within 3-8 weeks. You might need more time to recover if you have a severe injury and require surgery. 

Don’t ignore sprains or strains — if you don’t heal correctly, you increase your risk of future injury. Call NJ Spine and Wellness or schedule an appointment online today for expert, personalized care for sprains and strains.