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Your body is meant to heal itself right? So why not exploit it to it’s fullest potential! From professional athletes to the general pop, PRP is on the cutting of sports medicine and can help you GET BETTER FASTER. See what I did there?

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a natural injection treatment that uses your body’s own cells to heal chronic and acute injuries.  Virtually any musculoskeletal injury can be treated with a this procedure, including most neck, back, knee, hip, foot, and ankle injuries.    A sample of the patient’s blood is extracted and spun in a centrifuge fast enough to separate its components.  As you can see in the graphic, the white blood cells and platelets only account for about 1% of the extraction.  However, these are the essential components to repairing tissues in the body.  During the centrifugation process, the concentration of platelets can increase by 5-10 times of the normal concentration.  How about that for packing a healing punch?


In an effort to maximize the healing potential, that thin layer of supercharged, “activated” platelets is extracted with a syringe and injected (usually with ultrasound guidance) directly into the site of injury. Upon injection, the platelet-rich plasma signals the release of proteins known as growth factors that facilitate the growth of reparative cells. Although the exact mechanism is still not precisely known, these cells work to heal the injured tissues quicker, and more naturally than prescription medication. The side effects of PRP injections are minimal, because it’s your own blood; there’s nothing for your body to reject! Some increased soreness at the injection site can be experienced but is only temporary. Following the procedure, the patient should rest for a few days, then begin an effective stretching and strengthening routine. You should always follow the exact instructions given by your doctor in order to get the best possible outcome. Our very own Dr. Menon is a PRP Wiz and her recent patients have been seeing excellent outcomes! Contact us today for more info on PRP. Stay Well.



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