NJ Spine and Wellness knows how much of an impact chronic knee pain is on work, fitness, and daily activities.

For individuals with advanced knee arthritis, pain tends to persist even when sitting or laying down. As osteoarthritis in the knee joint progresses, pain and knee stiffness grow to be unbearable. Lifestyle changes, including weight loss, may provide relief initially, but as arthritis progresses, the pain returns. Eventually, it could stop responding to traditional treatments — and knee replacement surgery may seem like the only option.

However, due to coexisting diseases or other health concerns, surgery is not an option for some. These same patients may elect to explore newer, more-advanced nonsurgical treatment options. NJ Spine and Wellness offers genicular nerve block procedures at all four of our locations throughout New Jersey, including:

What Is Genicular Nerve Block?

Patients that suffer from chronic knee pain that has failed to respond to more conservative care may be candidates for a genicular nerve block — a procedure that is based on a theory that blocking the nerve supply to a painful area works to alleviate pain and restore function. Genicular nerve block occurs when nerves are anesthetized, or “blocked,” with a local anesthetic injected through small needles.

The ultrasound-guided genicular nerve block technique involves your doctors targeting the superior medial (SM), the superior lateral (SL), and the interior medial (IM) nerves of your knee with anesthesia. The anesthesia numbs the nerves, preventing them from sending a pain signal to the brain.

A response is considered positive if there is at least 50% pain reduction in the 24 hours following injection.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Pain relief should occur almost immediately after the genicular nerve block injections and should last for up to eight hours. Those who experience substantial pain relief are often good candidates for genicular nerve ablation (GNA), a procedure in which the nerves of the knee are cauterized. GNA can provide pain relief for up to 18 months.

Genicular Nerve Block for Perioperative Pain Management

Arthroscopic knee surgery has grown in popularity in modern orthopedics. Post-operative knee pain management, though, has become a challenge to provide early relief and pain-free post-op care to the patient. Fortunately, genicular nerve block and ablation have been used for preoperative pain management with success — rendering bodily function and quality of life surrounding knee surgery significantly more favorable.

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If you have chronic knee pain, know that hope is not lost. With our holistic care approach and cutting-edge treatment techniques such as genicular nerve block, you can enjoy pain-free time to focus on healing your injury and participating in essential physical therapy and rehab to strengthen your knee and its muscles. We know how important your health and lifestyle are — that’s why our specialists are dedicated to helping you Get Better Faster.

For more information about the ultrasound-guided genicular nerve block technique used at any of our New Jersey locations — including East Brunswick, Freehold, Matawan, or Old Bridge — contact NJ Spine and Wellness today!