If you’ve been struggling with neck pain that doesn’t seem to get better, neck treatment from an orthopedic specialist may be the right option for you

While the neck is almost constantly working to move and support the weight of your head, it’s actually less protected than the rest of your spine. This makes it vulnerable to injury that not only produces pain but also restricts movement.

If you are experiencing persistent, severe pain that radiates down your arms, legs, or neck pain accompanied by numbness, tingling, or weakness, then it’s time to speak with the specialists at NJ Spine and Wellness.

Treating Neck Pain

The first step to treating neck pain is to find out what’s causing your symptoms. When you come to NJ Spine and Wellness, we provide thorough consultations and examinations to ensure we find the right diagnosis to treat your neck pain. During your appointment, you can expect:

  • Review of your complete medical history: This includes any neck complaints you’ve experienced before and if you’ve had an injury or illness that may contribute to your condition.
  • Physical examination: Your doctor will evaluate your neck motion to see how severe your neck pain has become.
  • Test nerve function: We may need to test the function of the nerves and muscles in your arms and legs to see if there are any underlying nerve issues related to your neck pain.
  • Imaging and other tests: X-rays, other imaging procedures, or blood tests can evaluate the various structures in your neck.

Once we diagnose the cause of your neck pain, our doctors can recommend a course of treatment. While some conditions can be treated conservatively, others may require more invasive procedures or surgery.

Conservative Neck Treatment

For most neck-related complaints, we offer non-surgical, conservative treatment options first. This may include:

  • Rest and medication: Sometimes, neck pain can be resolved with concentrated rest as you avoid engaging in activities that strain your neck muscles, joints, or ligaments. Along with that, your doctor may prescribe NSAIDs to reduce inflammation and relieve your painful symptoms.
  • Immobilization: A neck brace makes it easier to limit neck movement, allowing the injured area to heal and prevent re-injury.
  • Physical therapy: A customized program of specialized exercises and stretches can help relieve neck pain and strengthen the neck’s supporting structures. Click here to learn more about Spinal Decompression.
  • Injections: Therapeutic injections can serve as a diagnostic tool while also helping to relieve pain and inflammation.

Neck Surgery at NJ Spine and Wellness

In rare cases, we may recommend neck surgery as the best course of action. While we prefer and promote conservative, non-invasive neck pain treatment, sometimes surgery is warranted. A surgical procedure may be needed if you’ve experienced a herniated disc or another issue that is putting pressure on your nerve roots or spinal cord.

Book an Appointment to Get Better Faster

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