Osteoarthritis is the highest-occurring joint disorder in the nation, affecting some 32 million people.

Osteoarthritis in the knee alone affects 10% of men and 13% of women over 60. While osteoarthritis is not curable, effective treatment options — such as viscosupplementation therapy offered by NJ Spine and Wellness — can drastically improve and manage pain.

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Types Of Viscosupplementation Injections

Viscosupplementation involves injections of hyaluronic acid — a gel-like fluid naturally produced by the body — directly into the affected joint. The injection goes into effect by lubricating the joint and helping the synovial fluid create more cushion, reducing pain and improving the range of motion or mobility of the joint. During viscosupplementation therapy with NJ Spine and Wellness, one of our specialists will administer 3-5 injections over the course of several weeks.

Let’s take a look at the different types of viscosupplementation injections you can receive at any one of our New Jersey locations:

Viscosupplementation For Back Pain

While viscosupplementation has traditionally been used for the management of knee osteoarthritis, injectable therapies can be applied to other joints. Viscosupplementation for back pain is an increasingly common practice that provides relief to many.

Viscosupplementation For Hip Arthritis

As the hip becomes worn, the natural joint lubricant becomes thin. However, viscosupplementation for hip arthritis is a valuable technique that stimulates the cells lining the outside of the joint to produce higher quality synovial fluid. This option is also effective in pain management, delaying the need for surgical intervention.

Gel Injections for the Knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee causes the surface layer of cartilage to break down and the joint’s synovial fluid to lose its lubricating ability. If you have tried all other non-surgical methods, but your pain continues to limit your activities, gel injections for your knee may be recommended. The injected hyaluronic acid acts as a lubricant, so bones can move smoothly and as a shock absorber so your joints can bear weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do viscosupplementation injections last?

When you turn to NJ Spine and Wellness, viscosupplementation therapy can work to relieve your pain for up to six months. However, you may need to receive new injections.

Are there side effects for viscosupplementation injections?

The most common side effects associated with viscosupplementation therapy in NJ are temporary injection-site pain, swelling, heat, or redness; bruising around the joint; and fluid accumulation in the injected knee. Reactions are typically mild and do not last long.

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