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The laminae are flat bone plates that form the outside wall of your spinal canal and help to protect your spinal cord. Occasionally, bone spurs, arthritis, and other issues can create pressure on your spinal cord and nerves leading to severe and agonizing pain. While in some cases, conservative treatment like steroid injections, pain medications, or physical therapy may relieve this pressure, other times, it may be necessary to remove the lamina in a procedure known as a laminectomy.

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What Is a Lumbar Laminectomy?

Simply put, a laminectomy is the removal of your lamina to reduce pressure on your spine and nerves and relieve the debilitating back pain it can cause patients. This procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia and involves a few steps:

  • Your NJ Spine and Wellness laminectomy surgeon will make a small incision in your back to access the lamina
  • If your laminectomy is part of the treatment plan for a herniated disc, your spine specialist will remove the herniated portion of the disc as well as any other pieces that may have broken loose. This process is also known as a discectomy
  • In some cases, it may be necessary to fuse your vertebrae together using bone grafts or metal rods and screws
  • Whenever possible, a minimally invasive technique will be utilized to make a smaller incision and help speed up recovery time

What Symptoms or Conditions Can Result in a Laminectomy?

The bony overgrowths in your spinal canal can reduce the space for your spinal cord and nerves, creating pressure and resulting in serious pain. Although a laminectomy won’t cure your arthritis, it can help to relieve the adverse symptoms from compressed nerves. Your NJ SSpine and Wellness laminectomy surgeon may suggest this procedure if:

  • Your muscle weakness or numbness results in difficulty walking or standing
  • You experience issues with bladder or bowel control
  • Conservative treatment like physical therapy, medication, or steroidal injections do not improve your symptoms

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Laminectomy?

The recovery time for a laminectomy depends on the type of surgery performed. For instance, a minor or decompressive laminectomy is a shorter and easier process; patients who undergo minor decompressive laminectomies can typically expect to return to light activity as soon as a few days to weeks, depending on their specific case.

Conversely, if your laminectomy requires spinal fusion, it may take considerably longer — perhaps two to four months. As with all medical procedures, recovery times can vary based on numerous factors; your NJ Spine and Wellness laminectomy surgeon will consult with you on your recovery timetable and answer any questions you have about returning to normal activities.

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