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14 May 2020

Back pain is a frustrating experience most people will go through at some point in their lives. Even a minor ache in your lower back can be distracting. Typically, back pain is linked to common issues, like strained muscles. After a few days of mild discomfort and over-the-counter remedies, the pain usually goes away. In […]

30 April 2020

Whether you have musculoskeletal pain or other chronic conditions, you want a solution to restore your lifestyle. When your doctor recommends surgery, it’s natural to stop and consider if the procedure is the best option possible. Surgery requires a significant time and financial commitment, and you want to make sure your outcome is worth this […]

17 January 2020

Your brain and spinal cord work together to form the central nervous system, a complex mechanism that controls everything the body can do. With a system this complicated and crucial, it’s no wonder that even the slightest injury or mishap to our spinal cord can wreak a fair amount of havoc. When it comes to […]

10 January 2020

Your upper spine, more commonly known as your neck area, consists of a series of cervical vertebrae that connect your spine to your skull. These vertebrae and connected spinal roots nerves provide a significant nerve supply to your head, neck, shoulders and upper arms. They’re crucial to ensuring that your brain and spine can communicate […]

6 January 2020

We often take our necks for granted, forgetting the crucial role they play in supporting our heads, aiding in motion and keeping our bodies functional and alert. Of course, once the natural movement of our necks becomes compromised, we quickly realize just how important this part of our body is. Hyper-extended or pained necks can […]

3 January 2020

A cervical bone break — more commonly known as a broken neck — happens when there’s a break in one of the vertebrae that run from the spine into your neck. It should go without saying that cervical bone breaks are a significant issue. Unlike what you may have seen in the movies, however, breaking […]

30 December 2019

If you have ever experienced any sort of collision or sudden jolt — situations typically involving a car accident of some sort — you may have sustained a residual pain in your neck and upper shoulders. Even if you walked away from the accident relatively unscathed and not feeling the need to seek medical care, […]

13 December 2019

Cervical discs provide cushioning between the cervical spine and the vertebrae. Over time these discs can degenerate or can even be damaged through impact or other trauma. When this happens, part of the disc can move from its normal place and can put pressure on nerve roots or the spinal cord. This can cause pain, […]

6 December 2019

No matter how much we plan for the future, sometimes life will intercept and grab ahold of the steering wheel, putting us in situations beyond our control. We plan on getting a job. We plan on making and saving money. We plan on getting married. We plan on starting a family. We plan on living […]

8 November 2019

A pinched nerve develops when there is too much pressure exerted on a nerve by cartilage, bones, tendons and muscles. This pressure affects the functioning of the nerve and causes weakness, numbing, tingling and pain. A pinched nerve can be found in different parts of the body. For example, a nerve root may be pressed […]

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