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17 May 2019

Whether you’ve been living with diabetes for a long period of time or have recently been diagnosed, it can be overwhelming to deal with daily. In this blog post, learn how to manage your diabetes effectively to avoid complications.

20 February 2019

As humans, it is in our nature to want to help others and make other people happy. However, this might make us forgetful when it comes to taking care of ourselves, especially when we are on the go 24/7. For Kimberly, our patient spotlight of the month, this realization came to her about 2 years […]

25 June 2018

We are always honored to highlight our patients, their stories, and their successful recovery from the many challenges in life. In honor of National Cancer Survivors Month, we wanted to highlight one of our staff members at NJSW, our very own rehab technician Jessica! She has been a survivor of ovarian cancer for about a […]

21 June 2018

Life has a knack for throwing curveballs at you when you least expect it. What makes the difference is how you respond. Do you knock it out of the park, or do you strike out and head back to the dugout?  In honor of National Cancer Survivors Month, we felt it necessary to highlight one […]

18 June 2018

Whether your passion lies in the arts, fitness or sports, everything comes with obstacles and challenges.  Sometimes, this can make you want to give up and try something else, but sometimes it drives you to continue to push forward and not let these challenges get in the way of your passion. This month we are putting […]

1 June 2018

It is getting hot out, and I mean HOT! The dog days of summer are looming ahead of us and whether you are lying on the beach or soldiering through pre-season workouts, we could all use a little extra H2O this time of year.  Staying hydrated is often overlooked but isvitally important to your body’s functionality. The body of an average adult is comprised more than 60 […]

30 May 2018

How to Prevent Sciatica Bottom Line: It’s easy to understand how lifting a heavy object at work could injure your back, pinch a nerve and cause sciatica. But, surprisingly, research has shown that too much sitting may be the number one reason for sciatica, not to mention the worst thing for your back. When you […]

29 May 2018

Observe how you’re sitting or standing right now. Did you automatically straighten your back? We subconsciously position our bodies in certain ways…one of them being, slouching. Poor posture can cause negative affects to the body. Here are a few: Breathing – Slouching can cause poor circulation by restricting blood and oxygen flood to the lungs. […]

23 May 2018

HOW TO GET IN SHAPE 2018 Getting into shape doesn’t have to be complicated, yet so many of us tend to over-complicate it. The bottom line is beginners can get into good shape, and they can do it fast. Here is a short beginner’s guide to getting into great shape.   Eating For starters, stick […]

22 May 2018

May is National Physical Fitness Month and we want you to get the most out of your workout with proper form! Our licensed Athletic Trainers here at NJ Spine and Wellness, Douglas Stringham and Kathleen Knauf are here to show you proper form for exercises that are commonly done incorrectly. Squats Incorrect form (photo on the […]