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Help our patients GET BETTER FASTER with our team!

Are you interested in the opportunity to join a team of industry-leading clinical and administrative staff that prioritizes getting patients better, faster? If you are, then NJ Spine and Wellness may be a fit for you!

Choose a career path at NJ Spine and Wellness that suites your experience. We’ll provide the training, education, and coaching experience that allows YOU to grow and decide what happens next.

See available positions below:

Billing Specialist

A Billing Specialist will be responsible for a variety of tasks requiring data analysis, in-depth evaluation, and sound judgement. To be successful in this role, a Billing Specialist must possess in depth knowledge of billing software, EHR, and knowledge of medical insurance policies.


The ideal candidate must also be able to demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills, as communicating with clients and various insurance agents will form a large part of the role



  • Provide excellent customer service skills as it pertains to direct questions from patients, staff, insurance carriers, and management
  • Resolve, negotiate, and collect open patient balances in a timely manner
  • Prepare, monitor and obtain patient authorizations
  • Prepare outstanding patient account balances
  • Execute consistent follow up with insurance carriers, attorneys, and patients
  • Review again accounts for possible assignment; prepare information for collection agency
  • Communicate with healthcare providers, coworkers, patients, insurance claim representatives and other parties to clarify billing issues and facilitate timely payment


***Primary responsibilities will include charge entry, collections follow-up, accounts receivable, and claim review. Prior experience is a must.***



  • High School education plus 1-2 years post secondary education or equivalent work experience
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a health care related industry or similar role
  • Solid understanding of billing software and electronic medical records
  • Ability to multitask and manage time effectively
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Outstanding problem-solving and/or organizational abilities
  • Keen attention to detail and analytical thinking
  • Professional, courteous, enthusiastic, and conscientious
  • Keen attention to detail and analytical thinking
  • Professional, courteous, enthusiastic and conscientious
  • Willingness to participate in a team effort to fulfill area goals and work requirements
  • Ability to deal positively with coworkers, supervisors, and support management decisions
  • Ability to function as a contributing team member while meeting deadlines and productivity standards
  • Working knowledge of third part payer rules and regulations relating to claim submission, preferred
  • Working knowledge of HCPC and ICD-10 codes, preferred

Wellness Coordinator

Manage inbound and outbound call volume according to scripted guidelines. To be successful in this role, a Wellness Coordinator will act as a liaison between our providers and patients.


The ideal candidate must be able to work independently as well as well part of team.



  • Execute problem solving with high energy while catering to healthcare industry standards and our patients
  • Educate patients in the value of treating at NJ Spine and Wellness to help them get better, faster
  • Interpret medical insurance, coinsurance, deductibles at a high level
  • Schedule patients with providers in our facilities based on medical conditions and overall care needs
  • Grantee patient needs are met by following up regularly on patient progress
  • Conduct wellness calls to existing patients who have completed their care plan
  • Communicate with billing/verification team regarding insurance and/or prior authorization requests
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by addressing patient issues/concerns related to health and overall wellness
  • Serve as a backup when Front Desk office administrative team is understaffed or require support
  • Make decisions as needed without direct supervision to ensure an uninterrupted work flow
  • Ongoing development and education on providers and services offered
  • Ensure clean and informative patient intake for new and existing patients



  • High School Diploma/GED; some college
  • Minimum of 1 year outbound/inbound experience in a Call center, medical office or clinic setting
  • Ability to convey a positive and professional image to patients and employees
  • Maintain composure in a high-pressure situation
  • Ability to effectively follow an issue through to its conclusion
  • Healthcare background preferred, not required


Additional skills/abilities (preferred not required):

  • Spanish Speaking
  • Minimum 1 year experience in healthcare setting
  • Previous experience in a similar practice; Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Orthopedic/Spine Surgeon

Healthcare Impact Team- Scheduler

Ensure the daily schedule is up to date and execute office operations as it relates to patient care. To be successful in this role, a Scheduler must have a thorough understanding of scheduling needs to provide the best outcomes and execute tasks in a timely manner.



  • Effectively schedule patients according to prescribed frequency with same provider
  • Illustrate NJSW’s services and technology with a high level of energy and enthusiasm
  • Assure quality entry of patient data and demographics at a compliance rate of 95% or higher
  • Maintain presentation standard of reception area and front desk
  • Manage incoming call traffic as required
  • Effectively execute the check in/out process
  • Basic knowledge of insurance, verification sheets, and Financial Arrangements



  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 3+ years customer service experience
  • Effective communication skills
  • Exceptional critical thinking, problem solving, and organizational skills

Healthcare Impact Team- Coordinator

Act as a liaison between the provider and patients by monitoring treatment plans, connecting patients with healthcare providers, and evaluating progress. to be successful into his role, the Coordinator must be responsible for consulting with patients and working with providers to coordinate interventions.


The ideal candidate must be knowledgeable about healthcare practices and have the ability to delegate scheduling tasks to the team and assure execution.



  • Build rapport and establish trust with the patients, providers and Scheduler(s)
  • Conduct weekly meetings with assigned provider(s) to discuss active patient list; assure changes/modifications are implemented to accelerate care and get better outcomes
  • Assure patient compliance by reviewing the daily schedule ongoing; delegate changes/modifications to the Scheduler(s); follow- up to assure completion
  • Carryout coordination for patient imagining as required
  • Collaborate with Medical Team for MD appointments as required
  • Provide advanced knowledge of NJSW services and technology
  • Complete mastery of role and responsibilities of a Scheduler



  • 3+ years’ experience in a healthcare setting
  • Great verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong analytical thinking and ability to be solutions oriented
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Compassion and empathy

Rehabilitation Technician

Guide patients through exercises and assist patients to and from the rehabilitation area. To be successful in this role, a Rehabilitation Technician must be patient and compassionate when working with patients who may be resistant.


The ideal candidate will aid the Physical Therapist, and other specialists during sessions and also be able to preform basic clerical duties.



  • Help patients to and from therapy areas
  • Lift and move patients with mobility problems
  • Guide patients through exercises
  • Set up applicable therapy equipment as required
  • Sanitize therapy areas ongoing
  • Assist patients as they complete their functional rehabilitation programs
  • Monitor patients progress during sessions
  • Reporting patient signs or symptoms to the provider(s) and administrative staff
  • Comply with company rules, regulations, and procedures
  • Support marketing initiatives by attending marketing and outreach events as requested
  • Maintain professional relationships with all employees and adhering to company policies regarding



  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Physical strength to lift and move patients
  • Patience and compassion
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Occupational Therapist

An Occupational Therapist will help patients improve, regain and develop the skills needed for day to day life and work. To be successful in this role, an Occupational Therapist must conduct physical assessments of clients, develop treatment plans, and develop occupational therapy rehabilitation programs.


The ideal candidate must have up-to-date knowledge of treatment practices and occupational therapy programs.



  • Advise on adaptive equipment to help clients with daily activities
  • Develop physical rehabilitation programs to help clients regain lost skills
  • Prepare clients for return for work, school, home, etc.
  • Educate caregivers and/or family members of patients on patient needs
  • Maintain professional knowledge and technical progress in order to provide clients with the best treatment program available
  • Comply with federal, state, and local certification requirements
  • Evaluate patient condition regarding physical and basic mental health
  • Document accurate patient care history in a timely manner
  • Comply with company rules, regulations, and procedures
  • Support marketing initiatives by attending marketing and outreach events as requested
  • Provide engaging, one-on-one care with patient evaluations
  • Maintain professional relationships with all employees and adhering to company policies regarding
  • Flexible schedule to accommodate clinic evening hours as needed and/or required



  • Bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from a university by ACOTE or AOTA
  • Certified by the National Board for Certification
  • Valid license to practice Occupational Therapy in New Jersey
  • Compliant with state healthcare regulatory requirements
  • Possess up-to-date knowledge of treatment practices and occupational therapy programs
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to take care of clients with different personalities
  • Ability to assess patient condition and work with treatment plans

Chiropractic Physician

An Chiropractic Physician will provide chiropractic care to patients experiencing issues with the neuromusculoskeletal system and assist in creating treatment plans for pain management functional increases and lifestyle improvement. To be successful in this role, a Chiropractic Physician must be able to examine a patient to determine the nature and extent of the disorder and treat the affected area.


The ideal candidate will take an approach to healthcare that treats patients using a combination of chiropractic and manipulation as well integrate other services, such as, myofascial work, ancillary therapies, clinical nutrition, and exercise.



  • Perform a series of manual adjustments to the spine or other articulations of the body, in order to correct musculoskeletal system dysfunction and/or impairment.
  • Evaluate the functioning of the neuromuscular skeletal system and the spine using systems of chiropractic diagnosis
  • Review and maintain accurate histories of patient objectives findings and plans of care for patients
  • Arrange for diagnostic exams to be taken on site or secured out as needed
  • Consult with and refer patients to appropriate providers within the scope NJSW for advanced care; refer out to preferred provider(s) when necessary
  • Document accurate patient care history in a timely manner
  • Prompt and “ready to work” arrival allowing 10-15 minutes for preparation prior to seeing patients
  • Comply with company rules, regulations, and procedures
  • Support marketing initiatives by attending marketing and outreach events as requested
  • Provide engaging, one-on-one care with patient evaluations
  • Maintain professional relationships with all employees and adhering to company policies regarding
  • Flexible schedule to accommodate clinic evening hours as needed and/or required



  • Doctor of Chiropractic degree
  • NJ license and valid malpractice insurance
  • Experienced in providing chiropractic care for accidents and spots injuries
  • Strong communication and active listening skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of neuromusculoskeletal injuries, conditions, and conservative/medical treatment options
  • Understanding of stretches, exercises, therapies and dietary changes that may help patients manage their overall health
  • Ability to analyze patient conditions based on observations and medical tests
  • A commitment to providing the best care possible

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