No two patients will have the exact same issue upon entering our offices, and thus, no two treatment plans should be the exact same. Luckily, we here at NJ Spine and Wellness have a variety of ways that we can help you return to normal condition, all while pairing you with the best healthcare team we can provide you with. Using a wide variety of technologies, we are determined to help you recover from whatever ails you as best we can.

We have several machines that can help people deal with pain. For starters, we have E-Stim electrical stimulation, a pain relieving technique that consists of running an electrical current through pads that help calm your nerves without pain. Typically lasting around 10 minutes, it can be used in lieu of painkillers to help ease a patient back into normalcy. We also have an anti-gravity treadmill meant for acute injuries or postoperative recovery. With the ability to lower someone up to 20% of their body weight, the machine helps patients return to full weight-bearing activities. It can also function as a normal treadmill, with increasing and decreasing speeds, but it can also go backwards or allow for lateral walking. We even use non-invasive light therapy utilizing a Litecure Class IV Laser, which alleviates pain, reduces inflammation and accelerates recovery. All of these and more are just some of the ways we use technology to get patients back to normal.

While all of this variety in technology provides you with great means of possible treatment, what really matters the most on the road to recovery is the team of people a patient surrounds themselves with. One must consider several factors while looking for the right healthcare team. If you have health insurance, does the company have networking connections with the doctors in question? Are the doctors experienced? What are their offices’ protocols? These are just some of the many questions you should ask yourself during this process, so that you get more bang for your buck when it comes to who assists you on your road to recovery.

If and when you decide on a healthcare team, make sure that you actively benefit from their techniques. After your initial encounters with each member, ask yourself questions like, “Did they make me feel comfortable,” “Did they listen to what I had to say,” and “Did they give me enough time to ask questions?” Any of the answers to these questions being “no” may be signs to look elsewhere.

Moreover, the initial judgment process of a healthcare team is only part of the puzzle. While their initial practices may prove beneficial, there is always a slight chance that they may not hold you accountable in the long run. There should always be some capacity of self-discipline that these people teach you; if you are not taught how to keep yourself in good condition after you initially recover, chances are that you will end up at square one again down the line. Consistently keep track of how your healthcare team is helping you; if any aspect of that group is holding you back, it is okay to look elsewhere.

Here at NJ Spine and Wellness, we have the staff and the technology to help you overcome body pain, regardless of what your issues may be. Our offices are open to you if you have any further questions about what we do and if our help is what you need. For more information on us, feel free to call any of our four main offices with the phone numbers on our homepage! We look forward to helping you get better faster!


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