The spine and feet are among the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Not only are they complex in structure, but each individual part of their structures often has its own unique features. As such, it is important to be careful with them, otherwise complicated issues can arise in each of these body parts. However, while some people may actively attempt being careful in their daily routines, there are some everyday activities that will lead to people wearing down their spines and/or their feet without even realizing it. If left unaddressed, these issues will only become more prominent down the line.
To get obvious situations out of the way, your spine can be hurt by improper work behavior, especially if the work you do is often physically taxing. Lifting with too much force, repeatedly moving heavy machinery or remaining in one spot all day with little variety in movement are some of the many ways that spinal issues can arise. Furthermore, although these incidents can also be worsened depending on how old you are, how you handle yourself outside of work can also increase the chance of spinal issues, including how much you weigh and how often you exercise.

As for your feet, the previous incidents mentioned are equally influential in causing issues. However, the footwear one wears is also a potential way to increase the chances of foot pain and issues with your feet. Wearing shoes that either do not fit you or just wearing shoes for a prolonged period of time are some ways to increase foot pain, as well as exercising without shoes on.

While these two areas of the body must be delicately cared for in order to prevent pain, it is easy to change your lifestyle in order to minimize risks. In regards to your spine, taking care to properly lift things at your job and having a good posture are essential to lessening the risk of spinal issues. Meanwhile, wearing proper footwear, varying the kind of footwear you use, and maintaining the condition of your feet will help minimize just how much strain your feet will go through in the average day. If things do get to the point where medical help is necessary though, there are several means of treatment depending on what issues you are dealing with, so there is no need to worry if these worst-case scenarios arise..

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