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Vin is an Old Bridge native who graduated from Old Bridge High School in 2012. He then furthered his education at Towson University (Maryland). Throughout his time at Towson, Vin served as an athletic training student for a variety of Division I sports teams including football, baseball, women’s soccer, gymnastics, track/field, and cheerleading. He also spent two clinical rotations at St. Paul High School, where he got the chance to work with all male high school sports including a nationally ranked lacrosse team.

Vin became board certified and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training in May of 2016 during which he obtained a level I license in the Functional Movement Screen and assisted in an FMS research project.

Vin’s future plan is to earn a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, playing and watching sports, and spending time with his family and friends.

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My experience with Vin has been great. After coming here 3 times a week every time I come in he has a smile on his face and is ready to go. Also he is very knowledgeable and great at what he does.
Thomas C (1/3/19)
He is an amazing guy to talk to about anything. Not just for the needs I came in for. he cares about what he is doing and can tell he has a passion for it. And enjoys the patients needs like a friend instead of just being another person that walks in. 5 stars. You really get to know them and their interest. Being a jets fan is a Bonus in my book also
Anthony M (1/2/19)

I have been going to Vin for about 4 months now for my knee after I tore my ACL in basketball and have had nothing but great results. He is very active with his patients and pushes you to focus and work hard in your rehab. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Vin. He makes sure I finish every exercise and gives me tips on how to better my movements and gives me extra exercises to do on my extra time and other exercises if I’m not feeling the best about another body part. Vin explains everything in detail and makes sure you understand and has an abundance of knowledge to tell about your injury. I am now back to playing basketball and Vin has been a major help in getting me to where I am.

Jared M (11/01/18)
I have not been able to play all season because of my injury, and I have now been working here at physical therapy and the strength of my elbow has gotten much better as the results of my strength test came back, we have been working on exercises my throwing program and I think he is very good guy to do it with because of his great personality and work ethic, overall Vin is a great guy
Christian L (10/29/18)
Mr D’Acunto was very knowledgeable. He helped me get to a point where my shoulder was better. The experience was excellent. He did strength tests every couple of weeks. Which we focused the pt on.
Marc L (10/29/18)

My experience with Vin has been great. He’s very experienced and knows what he is talking about. He always is very helpful to me and cares about how you are feeling. Vins been a huge part of helping me recover from my injury.

Vincent V (10/04/18)
Vin is a great guy. Helped me out a lot in Physical Therapy and outside the place. He was great to work with.
Sonny F (9/22/18)
My experience with Vin was very successful. I worked with Vin every day throughout the 4 weeks of my Physical Therapy and he helped me get healthy and even stronger. He is a very friendly person that made the patients feel as comfortable as possible while working with him. Vin was a huge help and I could not have had a successful recovery with out him. He was always making sure I felt good and was not in pain during exercises. He knew how much he could push me with out putting myself at a risk of injuring myself again. He even offered to help me on his extra time off work when he didn’t have to, making sure I could get back to where I needed to be. Vin really cares about the patients and makes sure they can get better as soon as possible.
Joe P (9/2/18)
Vin is great! Very patient, helpful and friendly. He is able to push you without over doing it and really helped me learn a lot about how to use my muscles in my everyday life and get better at the same time!
Sammy P (8/30/18)
Vin has been a great motivater. He takes the time to correct my posture and he makes sure I am completing all the exercises in my program properly. Every time I come to NJ Spine and Wellness he asks how I’m feeling. He is genuine, compassionate and shows concern for my wellbeing. He is also very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything. My shoulder injury has kept me out of work, however under his care I am getting better faster! Thanks for pushing me to be my best.
Samantha M (8/23/18)
I have been attending NJ Spine and Wellness for four months now and have seen so much improvement! Vin is such a talented individual to work with. He has been treating me for my knee. He truly has such a passion for what he does and always coming in with a positive attitude. Vin is very knowledgeable and is able to answer all my questions! He goes above and beyond and gives me pointers along the way. Vin has given me different exercises to work on at the gym. He is always pushing me to my potential and I truly could not have gotten to where I am with out the help of Vin and Physical Therapist, Nicole.
Kate H (8/9/18)
Vincent is an all around amazing person. He is easy to talk to and has a great personality. And he’s very funny. Every time I came in, he would ask me how I felt and how my weeks were. He’s a great listener as well. He helped me get back to what i love even if I always come in hurt. I look forward to physical therapy with him!
Samantha S (7/2/18)

Vinny is probably the best athletic trainer that has worked with me so far. His knowledge to my injury and how to treat it built in a great amount of trust between him and I. Vinny always finds new and harder exercises for me to do once the others got to easy. Vinny also finds a way to make every exercise fun and finds a way to push me to my limit in order to fix my injury. Vinny also shows a great number of compassion and always asks about my life. All in all Vincent D’Acunto is one of the best Athletic Trainers here at NJ Spine and Wellness.

Chaz F (7/2/18)


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