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Monika graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy from the Academy of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Wroclaw, Poland in 1999. She came to the United States in 2000 and quickly received her license in New Jersey. Monika enjoys working in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine settings. She has a special interest in soft tissue and knows what treatment methods work best to help patients recover quickly. Because Monika strongly believes the most valuable asset a therapist possesses is her hands, she uses her manual skills and over 10 years of experience to decrease pain by finding the source of the pain and eliminating it by treating soft tissue dysfunctions while restoring strength with a custom-tailored exercise program. Monika has continuously expanded her knowledge and skills with Great Lakes seminars and multiple continuing education courses in joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, orthotics, sports medicine massage, musculoskeletal dysfunction and vestibular rehabilitation (BPPV).

In her free time, Monika loves to spend time with her husband and three children. Together they enjoy the NJ beaches and hiking in state parks, and if Monika has down time she enjoys watching a good movie.

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She always goes above and beyond for me and my treatment. I have made great progress since coming to her and I won’t go anywhere else now. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs to see a Physical Therapist. She’s a total sweetheart.
William D (2/1/19)
I would greatly recommend going. I was in severe pain for a couple years and ended up not doing anything but sitting. I was recommended to come and so happy I did. Got my life back! More energy & sleeping better! My shoulders and back constantly hurt. Pain level probably at an 8. Now, 3.5 months later, I’d say I’m at a 1 or 2. I can walk longer and do more than I have in years. I respect and am great full to Rachael, Jonathan, Mike, Monica, Elaina, Alex, Racquel & everyone else at the night crew! Highly-highly recommend!
Karen T (1/31/19)
From the minute you walk in the door your greeted with a warm friendly smile from Kristy which you immediately feel comfortable. When going into the PT area the entire staff goes out of there way to see how your doing compared to your last appointment. Monika, Mike, Johnathan, Dr Raquel, Douglas, Alex, Elaina, Mario truly have helped to help with medical issues..I was unable to make a couple appointments and Monika sent a text to make sure I was okay… Not many places show that type of concern for their patients.
Robert D (1/31/19)
She has a very great personality, has a lot of great advice, never has a bad day. Love her accent as well!
Stacey J (1/31/19)
Monika has been an amazing as my therapist. Her quick thinking may have saved my life when she recognized I was short of breath from a pulmonary embolism. Her knowledge and experience is invaluable. She knows when to push you and when not too. She can answer any question or concern you have about the body and its healing process without discounting that ever person is different. Highly recommend!!!
Dom V (1/31/19)
Absolutely fantastic! I came here after a cervical fusion not able to lift my arms over my head and wasnt able to drive. After 3 months I have gained those functions back and can drive short distances again. I would reccomend anyone to come to this facility!
Dennis F (1/30/19)
Very good sessions with monika. She is gentle nut firm when working my arthritic knees which are very deformed
Carole M (1/25/19)
Dr. Monika is the best!! When I first started I could barely move my shoulder without having pain. She personalizes your work outs and makes you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Monika!
Alexis K (11/06/18)
I love Monika because she is one of the best therapists that i have ever had and she is very polite. I have only been coming here for a little bit and I’m already starting feel better. And everyone in the staff are excellent helpers.
Calliope T (11/05/18)
I’ve been here since 2013 and the clinician to patient care has always been astounding. The two clinicians that I always work with (Dr. Monika and Douglas) are always great and encouraging. I look forward to coming in everyday and I always feel better after each session. I recommend Old Bridge Spine and Wellness to any patient who is in pain.
Galina T (11/05/18)

I enjoy coming here for my spine and working with Monika! everyone has helped me so much. Everyone is so nice! I would highly recommend!

Brenda W (11/05/18)
Dr. Monika is excellent. When I first started my physical therapy, it was very painful when Dr. Monika treated me. Now the pain is gone. She is very a knowledgeable and kind person. I feel so much better and would highly recommend her to anyone.
Donna D (9/12/18)
My experience has been awesome and extremely personalized. I didn’t feel the potential to keep but with encouragement and specific direction I was able to be comfortable in my therapy.
Michele C (9/12/18)
Monika has been my athletic trainer for the past couple of months. She had been helping me rehab knew left knee after surgery. She has been very helpful in guiding me with important exercises and advice on how to deal with the where recovery. Monika has been a big help.
Dan B (8/24/18)
Everyone is extremely helpful and caring! I have been working closely with Monica and Doug for the past few months for TMJ and concussion side effects. The exercises Doug showed me has truly helped me with easing the pain regarding my TMJ and opening my eyes to the side effects of a concussion. He is great to work with and he takes the time to explain each exerciser and why it is beneficial and I appreciate that! Monica has been awesome with TMJ treatment. Massaging the jaw and showing stretches to ease pain have both been helpful. After every visit with her, I feel much better and at ease. Spending the time with both Monica and Doug have really impacted my everyday routine. My symptoms have truly improved over time and I am grateful for their help. Highly recommend !
Nicole C (8/16/18)
My experience with Dr Monica was very good. She made my physical therapy around my job requirements and that helped very much. I was able to keep working and not miss any time thanks to Dr Monica. She is also very funny which helps when the exercise are harder.
Greg C (8/13/18)
Great experience – very helpful and highly effective
Michael T (7/20/18)
I think Monika is great. She really is knowledgeable and truly takes an interest in you! She even called me at home to check on me. Very friendly and instrumental in my recovery
Tina (7/9/18)
Monika is very friendly. Her welcome hi when You walk in is very cheerful and signifies the beginning of a good session.
Joseph O (6/26/18)
Dr. Monika is a very strong leader who pays great attention to detail. Dr. Monika has a tremendous amount of knowledge and cares about your overall well being as a patient. All of the staff at NJ Spine and Wellness are the best at their craft.
James M (6/25/18)

My experience with Monica has been amazing!!! Very easy to work with and she really motivates you to do the exercises to get better faster.

Ganesh H (6/14/18)
Wish I found this place sooner !!! Came here after living with neck and back pain for 4 years. After working with Dr. Monica. Dr Raquel and Doug they relieved my pain in a few short weeks. They take the time to show me all exercises to do at home. And work with me closely. There all truly great people. And will never go anywhere else when I need PT. I recommend this place to everyone. And give it 5 stars.
Mark (3/22/18)
Monika is fantastic! She helped me so much! I was in so much pain when I came to NJ Spine and wellness and this sweet, smart, amazing woman helped me so much! She is always smiling and energetic! She kept me informed of all the latest exercises and supplements. I highly recommend Monika! Thank you doesn’t fully say how thankful I am for you!
Stacey G (3/1/18)
I have had the privilege of being treated at the old bridge spine and wellness center TWICE in the past two years. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and courteous. Every visit is a challenge and different. It is never a boring tiresome exercise. There are a variety of patients, from young to old. So thankful to have found a place so close to home, I highly recommend their services! Dr. Monkia, Doug, Jeena, and of course Ryan, have be the most helpful this time around! I am never left alone. I always feel safe when performing my exercises.
Patricia S (2/26/18)

Dr. Monika; it’s a pleasure working with you. And hell-yes, you are the best.
Doug is definitely “The man with the plan. I see greatness in you years to come. Keep at it D.
Vincent: thanks for the education, young Doc. Dr. Matt and Myra.

Dwane J (11/27/17)

When I came here, I was unable to walk (even when trying with a cane). After working with Monika, I am able to walk without a cane!! She made me feel like a new person living a renewed life. By working with her I have developed strength in my legs, back, and buttocks. The care here is great, everybody took the time out make sure I did my exercises correctly. Overall the staff is very helpful.

Richard B (6/21/17)
I had pretty bad back pain for about two weeks when other conservative measures failed to alleviate my pain. The pain was causing me to limit my gym workouts which was interfering with my quality of life. My first session with Monika, she performed the Graston technique for me. It was the best I have ever felt after one session. This is now one month later and the pain has not returned. I am very happy and grateful for wonderful individuals such as Monika.
Mike (6/11/17)

I came in to see Monika to help me with vertigo that i began experiencing after coming back from vacation. The symptoms were very troubling and scary since it kept me from driving and performing daily tasks at home. After just the first visit with Monika, I began to feel much better and after 2 weeks, I was back to normal! Monika was great with listening to my symptoms and creating an effective treatment plan to alleviate the vertigo and dizziness. I am very happy with my experience at old bridge spine and wellness.

Natalya M (5/30/17)

Monika Lewczuk helped treat my TMJ and did a great job with helping release the tension and discomfort I was experiencing. Thank you NJSW!!

Sergey M (5/30/17)

My physical therapy experience with Monika was excellent. I came in with Achilles tendonitis and much discomfort. Monika guided me towards a quick recovery and helped ease my pain levels. She always kept me motivated and on track with my therapy. Her unique skills and techniques were extremely helpful to my recovery. Now I can finally go back to my everyday activities completely pain free. I would highly recommend her to anybody!

Gina V (4/27/17)

My experience with Monika, was very helpful. She helped me with my back after surgery and when I had a problem with my knee. I got back to recovery very quickly. Thank you Monika for all her help. She was very kind and nice.

Julcia F (1/28/17)

Monika is a very kind and helpful person who helped me with my knee injury. She is always happy and talked with me through the entire session. My strength in my leg quickly returned thanks to her. She is amazing.

Renata F (1/28/17)
I’ve been working with her for a couple weeks already and I feel great! She is always available to greet me with a huge smile and is full of energy even when i’m not. Its always a pleasure working with her.
Melissa G (11/22/16)

I have Monika helping with my Sciatic Nerve problem. Now that I’ve been here a few weeks, Monika stretches me to the point that I feel so good when she is finished. Monika is very professional and with her smile you know she is a caring person.

Gerri D (11/19/16)

When I first started PT I could not walk, but Monica and Antonio steered me in the right direction.  With the help of all of the assistants, I am in pretty good shape.  Thanks guys, I am much better!

Bernard O (10/24/16)

Monika and all of the Physical Therapists are very helpful and courteous.  It was a pleasure working with all of them.

Peter K (10/24/16)

Monika helped me in a very short period of time.  I had a severe pinched nerve in my shoulder.  It made me immobile. It was like a miracle. Today there is no pain and I have full range of motion, thanks to this true professional.

Tony W, PGA Golf Professional (10/24/16)

The place here is very professional.  They show you that they care.  They greet you with a smile and say good-bye also.  They make you comfortable and explain what’s going on.  There is always someone with you, you are never alone.  Everyone seems to be so pleasant and helpful.  They also text you to remind you of your appointment.  The most important thing is they get results and they are willing to help you.

R.B. (10/17/16)

Monica is a gifted physical therapist. Her diagnostic skills are top-notch. She continually evaluated my progress, and adjusted her treatment and my exercise program accordingly.

Mary B (8/13/16)

I started PT with Dr.Monika right after extensive surgery. I knew it would take a long time to recover. Through the whole experience Dr. Monica encouraged me. When I first began Therapy I walked in one day and told her how discouraged I felt and was second guessing my decision to have the operation. She told me to be patient and that the PT was going to work. 5 months later, I am done with Therapy and I am now able to do much of what I was doing prior to the surgery. I know that I am leaving with a foundation to get even better. I love the other doctors and therapists in the practice. They all made my journey that much easier. Friendly and professional group of people. I would highly recommend Dr. Monika.

Janet O (6/27/16)


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