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Mario grew up and currently resides in Clark, NJ. He graduated from Seton Hall University earning his B.A./M.S.A.T. from their 5 year dual degree Athletic Training program in May 2017. Mario also has his CPT  (certified personal trainer) and prior experience in being a personal trainer both at the gym and online.

During the M.S.A.T program at Seton Hall, Mario was a group leader in a study on FMS with his classmate Douglas Stringham. Mario believes in trying to find the root of someone’s pain or functional deficit and help change it through creative and challenging methods of rehab. “Consistently changing an exercise routine prevents the body from adapting to it and hitting a plateau in results”. When he isn’t helping his patients he enjoys hiking, basketball, working out, climbing, and experiencing new things.

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It was a great time mario helped me get back to playing soccer a lot faster then my other concussions

Michael P (11/08/18)

This is my first time at old Bridge spine and wellness and it’s a great experience working with Alex , Doug , Rachel , mike , Mario and Jonathan. The first Day the team has made me feel very welcome.. it has been a great experience and would recommend this facility to anyone. Two thumbs up !!👍🏽 👍🏽

A. V. (11/05/18)
Mario is a pro! He personalizes my individual therapy each time i am here. It make such a difference in my physical recovery to work with someone who listens and cares for his patients!
Denise M (11/02/18)
Mario is passionate about finding
Root cause of of client discomfort and tailoring a
Plan of action for quick results. He has exceeded my expectations as to the amount of progress possible.
Arnold P (10/18/18)
Mario was wonderful to work with, he really took his time and patience when working with me. He took the difficulty and anxiety out of working out, which made it easier for me to be comfortable. I really appreciate all that he helped me to achieve while at NJ Spine and Wellness, and hopefully I’ll be able to gain my strength back through the exercises I was shown after my time is finished here. Thanks for everything, Mario!! 🙂
Chantel C (10/18/18)

Mario is a great, caring professional……. I know that I’m in good hands. Keep at it guys. “Awesomeness”

Dwayne J (10/10/18)
I had a great experience every time I worked with Mario. He helped me with my back problems when I was at my appointment and gave me a lot of at-home stretches and exercises to do in order to speed up my recovery. I would definitely recommend working with him if you are at the Old Bridge office!
Kishan P (10/09/18)
To Mike, Doug, Rachael, Mario and everyone. Thank you. You have all been professional and great. Thank you all very much for all the help. You are all so friendly. I would recommend you to everyone.
Rose B (10/09/18)
Mario is such a great athletic trainer. He is helpful and very knowledgeable. I am always looking forward to my exercises because I know I will get challenged and get better. He always greets me with a smile and ready to start the excercises.
Joely L (9/26/18)
Mario has helped me quite a bit with all the exercises. Some of them are hard but they did the trick and it was exactly what I needed and directly related with tasks couldn’t do. As soon as my insurance allows I will be back to see him again and I look forward to it. Thanks to Mario I am feeling much better.
Margarita K (9/19/18)
Mario was the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. He was extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable in his field. He worked hard to find the best exercise program for me and made sure my form was perfect to prevent injury. I would recommend him to anyone.
John D (9/18/18)
Mario is a great Athletic Trainer. He is very patient, friendly and knowledable. He has taught me to do exercises the correct way to help my condition. He has also taught me the correct way to bend and lift and it has really helped my back. He makes exercising fun and pleasant.
Donna D (9/12/18)
Mario is a motivator who works with you tirelessly. His technique is always modified to my needs and he understands my limitations. My improvement is tremendous.
Michele C (9/12/18)
Mario has been my athletic trainer for the past couple of months. He had been helping me rehab knew left knee after surgery. He has been very helpful in guiding me with important exercises and advice on how to deal with the where recovery. Mario has been a big help.
Dan B (8/23/18)
Mario’s my physical therapist at this location, and he’s awesome, and so is the staff, 2 thumbs way up.
Jose H (8/14/18)
My experience with mario was great. He is very knowledgeable and explains what he is asking very well. He made my physical therapy enjoyable. I highly recommend.
Greg C (8/13/18)
Excellent times with Mario, he always pushes me to workout and keeps me motivated and laughing! He knows a ton about exercise and i have learned a lot. I strongly recommend that if you want to feel better and have a great time, Mario is the man to work with.
Bulent B (8/13/18)
Mario is really an outstanding person he really show his passion about helping others out
Nick M (8/8/18)
Mario has been awesome the times I’ve worked with him. Very knowledgeable with movements and the ideal patterns we should move in
Herbert O (8/5/18)
Perfect experience! After coming to see Mario for 3 months my pain has improved. He is very enjoyable to talk to during our sessions and is very knowledgeable. He has become a friend to me and helped me through alot. Would recommend to anybody
Harry R (7/24/18)
Overall great experience – always very helpful, courteous and highly effective
Mike T (7/17/18)
From the day 1, I have been working with Mario. He’s very knowledgeable, super friendly and takes extra time to teach me exercises. Also he corrects me if I’m not doing it correctly. He takes time and listens and helped me so many times when I was in severe pain. I highly recommend Mario.
Anand B (6/28/18)
Mario is very dedicated to his profession. My time spent with him is very rewarding.
Joseph O (6/26/18)
Mario is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He takes his time with each patient to ensure proper care and comfort during every session. Mario is part of an incredible staff who go above and beyond to help you make progress each session.
James M (6/25/18)
My experience with Mario has been great!!! Very easy to work with and has been very helpful with helping me improve my back pain.
Ganesh H (6/13/18)
My experience was terrific. Mario’s caring ways pushed me to work to my maximum potential. I would recommend him to all.
Donna C (6/13/18)
What can I say, you come looking for someone to fix your pain and leave feeling great! Had a really good experience working with Dr. Monika, Doug, Rita and Mario.
Peter K (6/13/18)
My experience with Mario was awesome! Learned a lot since he explained everything that was going on with me very specifically and he always made exercise a ton of fun.
Carlos G (6/11/18)
Great experience! Very knowledgeable in physical therapy and definitely knows what he’s doing! Highly recommend seeing Mario! Thank you for helping me 🙂
Sandy M (6/11/18)
Great healthcare professional! Always figured out how to get to the bottom of whatever issue I was having any day I came in. If you have any type of pain or functional issue I highly recommend seeing Mario!
Jerzy B (6/11/18)
Very good, Mario worked hard to ensure that I became able to do the things I needed to do again. Thanks for all the help you have provided to me!
Aparna R (6/11/18)
Mario was such a great help, wonderful to work with, and extremely profession. He truly made my experience comfortable and enjoyable.
Kendra S (5/30/18)
Very helpful, caring, spent a lot of 1 on 1 time with me and made sure I got the most out of each one of my visits! Would recommend anyone to NJ Spine and Wellness.
Jacqueline B (5/25/18)
Mario is an excellent and knowledgeable athletic trainer. Any questions that I had ever asked related to my injury were answered correctly. He is dedicated to his craft and it shows in his work. It is because of him that I was able to get back to 100% and than some.
Christopher V (4/9/18)


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