Dr. Michael Zolotnitsky, PT, DPT

Director of Physical Therapy

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Dr. Mike was born in Italy, grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and currently resides in Morganville, NJ. He received his doctorate in Physical Therapy from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA in December of 2014. Dr. Mike is currently leading our neurological department to treat various conditions including, but not limited to concussions, MS, stroke, and Parkinson’s Disorder. Dr. Mike is attaining his vestibular certification to further improve complaints of dizziness, headaches, and all balance dysfunction. He prides himself on performing high level balance activities to include walking with eyes closed, uneven surfaces, and loves to incorporate boxing to further challenge his patients.

In addition to neurological treatment, Dr. Mike utilizes the Mulligan Concept to perform pain-free physical therapy that immediately improves function. He offers a personalized aquatic therapy program for indoor and outdoor pool settings. Dr. Mike has completed three half marathons in one year and offers running tips as well as gym strategies. In addition, he is a national speaker for the Hemophilia community, speaking to various groups in the bleeding disorder family.

During his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his family and two younger nephews, making his girlfriend happy, traveling and experiencing various cultures, and learning different languages. He is fluent in Russian and has a basic understanding of Spanish.

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Dr Mike is an Angel on earth that has gone above to help me After just 2 weeks my pain was gone which I had endeared for 6 months and was starting to accept that this was my way of life So many Thanks
Libby M (2/1/19)
I have never had a bad experience while at old bridge spine and wellness. I have had concussion symptoms for quite sometime and Doug Mike and Abdul have all helped out immensely. All i did was lay in my bed until mike worked on my neck and Doug and Abdul would help with cardio and strength. Now I’m able to go to the gym more often and successfully go to classes in college. They have helped both physically and mentally.
Brandon T (1/23/19)
I came into the clinic with balance and coordination issues. I’ve had CVA for the past 9 years. What’s awesome about the Old Bridge clinic is that everyone is so kind and professional. Dr. Mike has been amazing and patient with me. Recently the office got a biodex that is perfect. It helps me stand up upright and walk.
Kazimierz G (1/16/19)
Dr. Mike and team were fantastic! They took the time to understand the issue and use different techniques to treat the issue so it no longer bothered me. Dr. Mike is very knowledgeable, excellent in his follow up, has great people skills, and really wants his patients to feel better. Thank you Dr. Mike & team for your help & excellent care. I highly recommend Dr. Mike and his team to anyone who needs physical therapy.
Sue B (1/2/19)

I have had the privilege to be treated by Dr. Mike. Hands down one of the best experiences I’ve ever had working with doctors. Their attentiveness to my needs were amazing no matter what my needs were they were there to fulfill them and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend NJ Spine & Wellness to anyone who is looking for lasting changes in their recovery. It’s the One Stop Shop they have so many different doctors under one roof to get the job done quickly and proficiently.

If you’re looking for wellness you find the right location call & book an appointment you won’t be disappointed

Jason L (12/28/18)
I had a great time with the whole rehab process with Mike (PT) and Jonathan (Athletic Trainer). The were great with giving me proper lifting mechanics and helping me out with my bad shoulder. 2 months later, I am pain free and back to normal.
Chris O (11/26/18)
I can’t say enough about Dr. Mike! He’s a true professional who is passionate, knowledgeable, driven, caring and an exceptional practitioner! In working with Dr. Mike, I’ve obtained results beyond expectations. Those results along with Dr. Mike’s high energy, have continued to motivate me in obtaining more. Thanks for all that you do Dr. Mike!!
Kerwin I (11/12/18)

There great here and care about all there customers and was back to playing soccer faster then any other time i got a concussion.

Michael P (11/08/18)

Dr. Mike truly cares about his patients. He gives the best workouts for his patients’ needs. I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Mike and his team and I look forward to coming to PT every time!

Alexis K (11/06/18)
Amazing! I never thought I would be able to run again or go back to my Athletic lifestyle. He and I shocked the surgeons. Thanks to him not only I don’t need surgery I also was taken off all my pain medication. Thanks to Mike I’m about to run my first 1/2 marathon in few weeks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are my angel.
Dorith W (11/05/18)
terrific physical therapy This is first therapy group that has really helped . Everyone is extremely attentive and friendly. Dr Mike is great is wonderful. I feel like Rita and Doug are like additional grandchildren looking after me making sure that I do all my exercises correctly. I look forward to my physical sessions. i would highly recommend them
Martha C (11/05/18)
This is my first time at old Bridge spine and wellness and it’s a great experience working with Alex , Doug , Rachel , mike , Mario and Jonathan. The first Day the team has made me feel very welcome.. it has been a great experience and would recommend this facility to anyone. Two thumbs up !!👍🏽 👍🏽
A. V. (11/05/18)

Dr. Mike is, in my opinion, a miracle worker. On each appointment, he has a plan in place for me; with that said he will address any medical complaint that has newly surfaced. In 2 sessions, has decreased the size of a neck node that I have had at least 25 years. I am not kidding. He is a floor general and is very aware of all the clients. He will address posture, body movement etc. even when he is not directly working with the client. I feel very safe when he is working with me and confident in his abilities. I am constantly amazed at his linguistic ability. He switches in and out of a variety of languages, not only for conversation but for medical terminology explanations and procedures.
I appreciate his knowledge and expertise.

Donna A (11/05/18)

Dr. Mike has helped me with my ankle pain. After only two and a half weeks my ankle is feeling so much better.

Beth C (11/05/18)

We love Dr. Mike’s enthusiasm and his commitment to the neurological center and my husband George. He always has a warm welcome when we or any other patient enters the room.

Gloria M (11/05/18)
It was great working with Mike. He’s really knowledgeable and I was surprised how quick he got me back to being 100%.
Sammy B (11/04/18)

Dr. Mike was fantastic! He really knows that he’s doing. He made sure that I was fully comfortable and understanding of everything that he was doing and how it would help me. Even after one session I was feeling better and more relaxed immediately. I would recommend him to anyone and I’ve already recommended him to my mother! Thanks Dr. Mike!!

Neil P (11/04/18)

Dr. Mike is great!!! He’s smart, caring, professional and treats all his patients like family. He makes you feel comfortable while doing therapy ,you look forward to your next session. The whole staff is wonderful. I enjoy my therapy with Alex, she’s really good.

T'Arri S (11/04/18)
To Mike, Doug, Rachael, Mario and everyone. Thank you. You have all been professional and great. Thank you all very much for all the help. You are all so friendly. I would recommend you to everyone.
Rose B (10/09/18)
Great guy great physical therapist too!
Giancarlo C (9/25/18)
I can not say enough about the care I received as a barber and heavy weightlifter with the expertise of Dr Mike, Mario, and Doug at NJSW. They fixed my neck and my mechanics with exercise and working as a barber!
Nick M (9/20/18)
Mike took me in and he started me on exercises to get me better along with stretching my legs. He is very professional and I am very grateful for accepting me to do treatments. Would recommend him any time!
Margara K (9/18/18)
Dr Mike gave me the motivation that I needed to improve my walking and encouraged me to set even higher goals. I’ve rarely seen that level of dedication to a patient, which is the reason I don’t mind traveling a three hours to see him twice a week. I wholeheartedly recommend him
Predrag M (9/18/18)
Since the moment I stepped in the door a few weeks ago and been dealing with Dr. Mike, I feel so much better, physically and mentally. I highly suggest Old Bridge Spine and Wellness for all their hands on support and activities they provide you with to make you walk out the door feeling better and refreshed. Two Thumbs up from me!
Andrew P (9/18/18)
Excellent! Everyone here was fantastic and I was very well taken care of. Far superior to Robert Wood Johnson!
Ronald K (9/10/18)

Dr. Mike is fantastic!
He truly listens to his patients needs and maximizes the clinical outcome.
I started PT due to a work related concussion. The pressure and pain was making it difficult to sleep and stay focused. I was also sensitive to light and sound.

With his expert diagnostic skills he was able to determine where the pressure and stiffness was coming from.
The stretches, strength & motion, eye exercises and Anti-Gravity Treadmill helped me to regain my normal strength and endurance without any symptoms.

The staff was friendly, caring and attentive.
The personal touch you receive will make it an enjoyable experience!

Toni S (8/30/18)
Dr Mike has been working with me for a little over two months now . His knowledge for his field of work is unmatched . He is careful , precise , and very thorough in his adjustments and physical therapy . They have a wonderful team that has gotten me back to feeling like a young kid again . Highly recommend to people who are suffering with neck / back pain .
Kevin D (8/26/18)
Dr Mike has been very friendly and always ready to help with suggestions and solution for problem. He has crafted a detailed plan as per the need and it worked. I would recommend this facility.
Tarun J (8/20/18)
Can’t say enough about this place. Being a hemophiliac, this place is an oasis in a dessert of general physical therapy centers that do not know how to work with someone like me with either pushing me too much to the point of injury or not enough to where there is no benefit. Having such a knowledgeable staff is crucial to a hemophiliac. Just having one individual at a facility that knows what a hemophiliac is in general is outstanding. But here there are multiple staff members who know of the condition and that is just plain unheard of.

I went for both my ankles which were painful and weak. Since starting in early June (Today is 8/7) with only attending once a week, my pain has been reduced drastically and my strength has nearly doubled! Mike and Doug have spent many hours dedicated to improving my issues. They tune their sessions to your activities and conditions and it not only improves your problem areas but overall health. The advanced techniques and machinery are one of a kind as well. I feel better than I have in years.

I highly recommend this partner in your health needs and will continue to work with them in the future.

…..BY THE WAY…..I drive two hours from Pennsylvania to get there…so its got to be worth it!

Kris M (8/7/18)
Dr. mike has been fantastic. He set a realistic timetable for my recovery from my herniations and other functional issues I’ve had with shoulders and hips.

Very out going and loves what he does. I’ll be coming back for any issueas I have goin forward.

Herbert O (8/5/18)
I was greeted with warm smiles from everyone right as I stepped into the office. Shortly after handing in my paperwork, I was introduced to Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike listened to my story of what had happened to me and evaluated me for the symptoms I stated I had. Quickly thereafter, he formulated a plan to get me back to fighting shape within 5 weeks, as I would be going off to college afterwards. Dr. Mike had been nothing less than an absolute star throughout the process, keeping me informed of how all that we are doing is going to help me get better, while always being positive and enthusiastic about the progress made.
David K (8/3/18)
Being a part of this experience was a relief and a joy to me. I feel better and I don’t feel restricted in my physical movement , My balance has improved greatly and i am grateful. …Dr. Michael and Douglas were absolutely fantastic. thank you.
Gail G (6/18/18)
I couldn’t be more happy that I found Dr. Mike. I came for one problem, but while there I told him about another probelm that I’ve been dealing with for years. He encouraged me that he would be able to help me and recommended accupuncture for it as well. I came home today, after having had PT with Dr.Mike twice for this issue and one visit to accupuncture and I can honestly say that I have hope again for something that I had given up hope on. I can’t remember when I last felt this good. No other doctors seemed to care and I can honestly say that Dr. Mike cares and is looking for new and interesting ways to help. He is. It stuck inside of a box and is treating the whole person. Thank you so much Dr. Mike
Kendra S (5/30/18)

As an employee at NJ Spine and Wellness, I can not only tell everyone how amazing our staff and facility is, but from first hand treatment I can certainly vouch for the success stories. I treated with Dr. Mike for a few weeks shy of two months and our main goal was to get me pain free in my neck and lower back. I have terrible posture working here (my own fault!) and Dr. Mike convinced me to start treating with him. He genuinely cares about the well-being of not only his patients, but his staff as well! Within a month of challenging exercises, I am now back in the gym pain-free after about two years. I really never could have done this without the guidance, support, and motivation of Dr. Mike! 🙂

Victoria (7/12/17)

Dr. Mike is a compassionate and most knowledgeable . I came to him with very painful knees, limping, and a lot of pain in my hands. I am not limping anymore and have less pain. You need to listen to him and do as he says and you will definitely feel better!!!!! Thank you Dr. Mike

Mindy B (7/2/17)
I came in with 2 herniated discs in my neck and an old rotator cuff injury from years of weightlifting and improper form. I was in such bad shape I thought I would never be able to lift again. Thanks to Dr. Mike I was able to change what I do in the gym. I’m very stubborn and do not like change but Mike convinced me to try an all new routine. He is considerate and compassionate and if something I did bothered my neck or shoulder he always found an alternative or variation that would work for me. He was able to customize my own personal exercise routine that I could do at home or at the gym pain free. He is very knowledgeable with anatomy and really knows his exercise routines. He also practices what he preaches. He is in great shape as well so it gives you more confidence to follow what he does. Mike is very dedicated and goes out of his way to get you better. He even worked with me on his off time in the gym to fix what I was doing wrong when lifting (as well as show me all new exercises). He watched my form and was there to correct me when my form was off. Now my shoulder and neck does not hurt anymore when I exercise. Mike is a top physical therapist and there’s no one else I would go to when it comes to rehabbing an injury. In fact the staff at OBSW (including the chiropractors, therapists, trainers, and assistants) is the nicest office group you will ever meet. Excellent work, thanks Mike!
Dr. Sansone (6/17/17)

Dr. Mike was great! Went to him for a sprained ankle and I saw increased mobility after just the first visit! Dr. Mike is professional, knowledgeable and very passionate about what he does. He personalized my program and worked with me each visit to closely monitor my progress and adjust as necessary. Could not be happier with my experience with Dr. Mike and could not be happier with my results!

Dan T (6/4/17)

Walking into therapy I was extremely hesitant and a little skeptical. The minute Dr. Mike greeted me I knew I was going to be in good hands. Dr. Mike is a true professional whose skills and compassion goes above and beyond. He and his team, Lauren, James, Vinny, Sean and Taylor to name just a few are extremely dedicated and experienced in their field ( whomever I left out I apologize). With a broken elbow that caused me so much pain and discomfort, Dr. Mike had me moving and pain free in no time. His passion and love for his job is extremely evident as you see him in action. He is kind, friendly and extremely detailed with every patient. He and his team work effortlessly together to ensure that every patient is getting the best therapy for their particular need. Dr. Mike I thank you for your patience, dedication and hard work which brought me to a 100% recovery in such a short time.

Lucy V (6/2/17)
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