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Dr. Matt Mondoro is from Holmdel, NJ. He graduated from TCNJ with a bachelor’s of science. From there he continued his education at the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic. Dr. Mondoro graduated in 2012 as the class valedictorian.

Dr. Mondoro is a member of the ANJC as well as the American Chiropractic Association. He is certified in diverse chiropractic techniques, and is planning on furthering his certifications.

Dr. Mondoro currently resides in Tinton Falls. On his free time he enjoys giving back to the community, as well as spending time with his wife, daughter and dogs!

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Thanks to Dr. Matt for his care and knowledge in treating me for sciatica. Any concerns I had about my treatment were completely and addressed, allowing for success in relieving my pain.
Kellie S (1/17/19)
Matt is a very skilled chiropractor. He really focuses on your needed areas. He is very pleasant to work with as well.
Mikayla D (12/31/18)
I was a competitive gymnast and now a competitive cheerleader. I struggled a lot with my tumbling and stunting because I was using the wrong parts of my body and back after going to PT and having Matt as my chiropractor I am back to normal. Matt adjusted my back and taught me different ways to tumble and my skills have improved so much.
Amanda F (12/27/18)

Dr. Mondoro has been treating my neck pain and my neck feels less stiffness. I can now move and turn my neck and shoulder much more freely.
Thank you so much for doing an excellent therapy on getting my neck and shoulder better.

Gilber C (11/07/18)
Excellent, I have improved greatly from when I started. I appreciate that he referred me to different experts as my conditions changed. By combining his skills and physical therapy I have regained my movement and strength.
Chad D (10/29/18)
I have been seeing Dr. Matt for several months now doing maintenance for my stenosis in my low back. Coming in every week has really helped me maintain my function and flexibility in my low back letting me do the activities I enjoy like golf and playing with my grandson. Any time I have a new issue I know I can ask doctor Matt to look at it. He always takes his time to address all my issues and give me the best care. Thank you doctor Matt for keeping me out of pain!
Mike D (10/24/18)
Dr Matt is very easy to talk too, Dr Matt takes the time to listen to your concerns and issues and with his experience he actively sets a treatment plan in motion. He has helped me move forward towards getting better.
Joe T (10/10/18)
Dr. Matt has helped me since my first day at spine and wellness! He targeted my back pain along with recommending me for physical therapy. He is very passionate about what he does and always positive!
Kate H (8/9/18)
Dr. Matt is the best chiropractor! Not only is he beyond friendly, he’s professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Matt utilizes great techniques to ensure any and all of my issues are solved with precision and care. I know anytime I need to be seen he will ensure he will fit me into his schedule. Dr. Matt is an intricate part of the OB spine and wellness team!
Trish L (6/7/18)
I started with Matt after a fall and had neck pain. Matt helped me recover very quickly. I no longer have neck pain and I have full range of motion in my neck. Matt also explained the results of my MRI better than my doctor. He is great
Mary A.R. (12/19/17)
Best doctor ever.
Erin K (5/10/17)
Dr Matt knows just where to touch to make pain disappear with his magical hands! He has made me a believer out of me. He is super knowledgeable, caring, patient and gentle and I highly recommend him. All around he is really nice and a great Doc!
Karen D (1/19/17)
Dr. Matt is a phenomenal chiropractor. His amazing hands on skills along with his exceptional personality helped me get thru rehab after being in a car accident back in February. I was having symptoms of neck pain with tingling into my shoulder blade. After multiple adjustments from Dr. Matt, I am now able to go back to my normal daily activities. Thank you so much Dr. Matt for your positive attitude and all your hardwork throughout my recovery!! Anyone looking for a chiropractor with amazing manual skills as well extremely knowledgeable, I highly recommend Dr. Matt and his amazing colleagues at OBSW!
Rita N (10/13/16)
Very positive experience with Matt. He is very enthusiastic and very pleasant to work with.
Joel L (10/1/16)
Dr. Matt, aka Dr. Rock Star. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and listened to my concerns. I feel confident that he effectively treated my symptoms. Highly recommend Dr. Matt.
Ann Marie (8/23/16)

Great Doctor! Shows great concern for his patients, extremely caring, and has Awesome hands! Very professional and always pleasant. Great Experience!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Mondoro @ Old Bridge Spine & Wellness!!

Rosalind D (8/13/16)
Very very pleasant, as always.
Lana B (4/26/16)
He is a fantastic guy, the nicest guy ever! Extremely skilled. Kind and caring. An absolute professional. The staff is wonderful. Definitely would recommend.
Suzette (4/23/16)
Carol R (4/23/16)
I started with Matt after a fall and had neck pain. Matt helped me recover very quickly. I no longer have neck pain and I have full range of motion in my neck. Matt also explained the results of my MRI better than my doctor. He is great
Mary Ann Rothman (12/19/17)


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