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Doug grew up in Marlboro, NJ. After being accepted into Seton Hall University’s (SHU) 3+2 Dual Degree program he received an undergraduate degree in social behavioral sciences. During this time he worked with all of SHU’s Division I sports teams, while also working as a resident assistant for SHU’s housing and residence life staff. Later he earned his Master of Science in Athletic Training from SHU as well. While in graduate school, he worked at various clinical locations, these included; Rutgers University, The Pingry School, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Seton Hall University’s Sports Medicine and Strength and Conditioning Team.

Doug is a huge believer in a total body approach to rehab by identifying and correcting all deficits a patient is having. For this reason, his main goal is to get people mentally, physically and emotionally into the best shape they can be, while using the most current evidence-based research.

Doug’s future plan is to provide advanced rehabilitation techniques to countries abroad. He hopes to bring the skills of an athletic trainer to populations of people that are not receiving appropriate therapy. In his spare time, he loves to workout, hang out with friends and family, plays with his poodle as well as fold origami.

Douglas Stringham


There great here and care about all there customers and was back to playing soccer faster then any other time i got a concussion.

Michael P (11/08/18)

Doug is awesome and is so knowledgeable about work outs and stretching. I came in for shoulder pain and he ended up assisting me with a dog bite that was very swollen and bruised. He did not have to help me with this but went out of his way to provide me with support!

Alexis K (11/06/18)

terrific physical therapy This is first therapy group that has really helped . Everyone is extremely attentive and friendly. I feel like Doug and Rita are like additional grandchildren looking after me making sure that I do all my exercises correctly. I look forward to my physical sessions. i would highly recommend them

Martha C (11/05/18)
This is my first time at old Bridge spine and wellness and it’s a great experience working with Alex , Doug , Rachel , mike , Mario and Jonathan. The first Day the team has made me feel very welcome.. it has been a great experience and would recommend this facility to anyone. Two thumbs up !!👍🏽 👍🏽
A.V. (11/05/18)
I’ve been here since 2013 and the clinician to patient care has always been astounding. The two clinicians that I always work with (Dr. Monika and Douglas) are always great and encouraging. I look forward to coming in everyday and I always feel better after each session. I recommend Old Bridge Spine and Wellness to any patient who is in pain.
Galina T (11/05/18)
great facility, very attentive and knowledgeable. very friendly also. Doug is great!
Rosanne P (11/05/18)
I enjoy coming here for my spine and working with Doug! everyone has helped me so much. Everyone is so nice! I would highly recommend!
Brenda W (11/05/18)

Douglas has a unique ability to discern the best approach to attack challenging issues with treatment. He is patient and consistently approaches all clients with respect and compassion. Highly recommend him as trainer he is no nonsense and makes you feel at ease during your sessions. He is the special glue that keeps this office running smoothly by maintaining an inviting environment.

Arnold P (10/18/18)
Doug is a great, caring professional……. I know that I’m in good hands. Keep at it guys. “Awesomeness”
Dwayne J (10/10/18)
To Mike, Doug, Rachael, Mario and everyone. Thank you. You have all been professional and great. Thank you all very much for all the help. You are all so friendly. I would recommend you to everyone.
Rose B (10/09/18)
I have been doing most of my exercise sessions under the supervision of Douglas, he has been very energetic and friendly and always ready to help. He always motivated me to go a little further and which helped. I would recommend this facility.
Tarun J (8/20/18)
Everyone is extremely helpful and caring! I have been working closely with Monica and Doug for the past few months for TMJ and concussion side effects. The exercises Doug showed me has truly helped me with easing the pain regarding my TMJ and opening my eyes to the side effects of a concussion. He is great to work with and he takes the time to explain each exercise and why it is beneficial and I appreciate that! Monica has been awesome with TMJ treatment. Massaging the jaw and showing stretches to ease pain have both been helpful. After every visit with her, I feel much better and at ease. Spending the time with both Monica and Doug have really impacted my everyday routine. My symptoms have truly improved over time and I am grateful for their help. Highly recommend !
Nicole C (8/16/18)
Doug is an amazing AT! He’s personable & exude’s positivity. It’s like training with your best friend, (and nothing is better than that). He has incredible knowledge & knows how to get your body to where you want your body. I look forward to my appointments because with Doug’s ingenuity & ability to create activities that have you feeling like your just having fun makes time fly & gives you a grade A workout! before NJSW I was at a plateau and now in a month I lost 12 lb I feel energized and healthier Doug is 1 of the many great 1 on 1 people you will work with. Who doesn’t like making new friends? So whether age, ability, or disability, Doug will be there to help you on the road to recovery, rehabilitation, or to help you achieve your physical goals!
Alex S (7/17/18)

I had the pleasure of working with Doug. He truly cares about his patients. He always makes me work to my full potential. I am so happy to have had him as my therapist. How’s he truly cares about his patients. He always makes me work to my full potential. I am so happy to have had him as my therapist.

Donna C (6/13/18)

What can I say, you come looking for someone to fix your pain and leave feeling great! Had a really good experience working with Dr. Monika, Doug, Rita and Mario.

Peter K (6/13/18)

Worked with AT Douglas, PT, monika Dr. Raquel, Dr. Mike and much of the other staff. All are very nice and work with you 1v1 which makes recovery much faster, efficient, and educational!

Shawny C (6/13/18)

Doug helped tons with seeing my strength deficits and spent the time explaining what I needed to do. Would highly recommend!

Jerzey B (6/12/18)

Very good, Doug worked hard to ensure that I became able to do the things I needed to do again. Thanks for all the help you have provided to me!

Aparna R (6/11/18)

Very helpful, caring, spent a lot of 1 on 1 time with me and made sure I got the most out of each one of my visits! Would recommend anyone to NJ Spine and Wellness.

Jacqueline B (5/25/18)
Great program to help me recover. Felt much better after treatment.
John A. (4/25/18)
I’m so glad that Douglas has been able to help me. He has worked with me on several occasions and is always a pleasure to work with. He is encouraging when showing me how to do the exercises that he is teaching me and attentive to my individual needs.
Debbi H (4/24/18)

Fantastic working with him!! Very supportive and encouraging!

Christine S (4/11/18)

Wish I found this place sooner !!! Came here after living with neck and back pain for 4 years. After working with Dr. Monica. Dr Raquel and Doug they relieved my pain in a few short weeks. They take the time to show me all excersises to do at home. And work with me closely. There all truly great people. And will never go anywhere else when I need PT. I recommend this place to everyone. And give it 5 stars.

Mark (3/22/18)

Douglas is such a sweet and caring man! He is always looking out making sure I am doing the right exercise and not hurting myself. He is fun and professional. I am very thankful for his help!

Stacey G(3/01/18)

He is very knowledgable. I had a great time working with him!

Angelo D (2/7/18)

being apart of this experience was a relief and a joy to me. I feel better and I don’t feel restricted in my physical movement , My balance has improved greatly and i am grateful. …Dr. Michael and Douglas were absolutely fantastic. thank you.

Gail G (6/18/18), Your Content Goes Here
Too bad I cant give more than 5 stars. My 6 year old son came in with hip pain, not sure what caused it but I was concerned because summer camp was around the corner ans he was limping with pain. After ONE session with Dr. Mike my son was feeling better! Dr. Mike noticed some other issues and at first I was sceptical that my son was just TOO YOUNG for physical therapy and that the environment and workouts would not be age appropriate….well, I couldn’t be more wrong. No matter what the age ALL of the clients get treated with the same amount of care and enthusiasm…even the 6 year old! My son has a great time while working out and making his hip and body stronger. I am so impressed with Dougs enthusiasm and care while working with him. Always a big smile and encouraging my son to do his best making the work out productive and FUN! Dr. Mike and his team are the best in the business, I will be referring everyone I know.
Kristina K (6/24/18), Your Content Goes Here
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Your Content Goes Here, Your Content Goes Here

Doug is extremely friendly, insightful and thorough with his work. He makes sure that each patient understands the purpose and reasons behind each stretch and exercise. Doug is part of an excellent staff at NJ Spine and Wellness Center who all do a phenomenal job.

James M (6/25/18), Your Content Goes Here

Doug makes sure everything in my body is lined up and I do the most comfortable but effective stretches and workouts for my lower back. He is very engaging with his patients.

Rebecca M (6/27/18), Your Content Goes Here

was in severe lower back pain and since from day 1 I have been working with Doug. He’s super friendly and he’s like a family member took personal care. He’s very knowledgeable and he has spend lot of time with me, and taught me new exercises to over come the pain. He never rushes me during my sessions. I highly recommend Doug.

Anand B (6/28/18), Your Content Goes Here


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