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Dr. Amna Rahmat graduated from Rutgers University in 2010 with a degree in nutritional sciences and minors in psychology and biology.  She then attended The University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College in Bridgeport, Connecticut and received her Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2014.  Additionally, Dr. Amna holds a postgraduate degree as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

Dr. Rahmat has a passion for nutrition and preventative healthcare and believes its incorporation is vital to the maintenance of good health.  She is looking towards receiving a certification as a clinical nutritionist in the near future. Dr. Rahmat also believes that good manual therapy skills are important in the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunctions and is full-body certified in Active Release Technique (ART).

Dr. Rahmat currently resides in Manalapan, NJ.  She enjoys giving back to her community, working out, outdoors activities such as bike riding and hiking, and spending quality time with her family and friends. She has a certification as a spin instructor and enjoys teaching classes in her free time.

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The Chiropractor Staff were very friendly and experienced in their field. I would sometimes be so relaxed as I was having my back adjusted that I could feel myself drifting off. These ladies that treated me were fantastic, I was feeling great after a few visits . I hated it when my time was over. Doctor Amna gave me a challenge with trying to change my eating habits to lose weight. I had tried it my way it didn’t work. So, I said why not try something different. Plus, she was weighing me each week. I am down over 40 lbs and counting.
Vernon M (4/1/17)
Dr. Amna was able to pinpoint and target what I thought was only a shoulder issue but turned out to stem from the Neck. Dr. Amna and the skilled staff at Old Bridge Spine & Wellness will have you back to enjoying life pain free.
Marcus L (3/25/17)
Dr. Amna has been treating my lower back issues with great care and I highly recommend her for all your spine issues. EXCELLENT SERVICE!
William W (11/3/16)
Dr. Amna has uncanny skills at locating where referred pain is originating! Convinced I had something wrong with my front tooth, my sinuses, and headaches – I had already seen my gp and dentist with no real help except to see a tooth specialist and take antihistamines and advil. When I explained where the pain was located within 2 visits I was starting to get relief from all symptoms as she properly assessed the situation and treated me for TMJ. Along with overall spine health, she has helped alleviate my carpal tunnel syndrome and flare ups due to some spinal degeneration. Learning the ways to avoid improper posture and movement,and suggestions on supplement support has proved very helpful.
Karin R (10/19/16)
Amna Rahmat DC provided me treatment for the pain I was suffering from September 2016 to date. During this time, she carefully listened to me as I explained my ailments. Her approach to my therapy included patience and acute care of my pain. She is an excellent doctor who exhibits a great deal of professionalism, a sincere duty to her patients and a vested interest in their improved health. Since I have received treatment from Amna, I have experienced significant decrease in the pain and greater mobility in my head and neck area. I would recommend her to my family and friends as a chiropractor who is compassionate and provides consistent effective therapy that result in improved mobility.
Gita D (10/9/16)

Dr. Amna helped me through some painful times on my lower back. She made me feel positive that I would get better and I did. Very good at offering nutritional help also. Thank you!

Audrey P (10/8/16)
Dr. Amna was by my side since the beginning of my rehabilitation, listening to what I had to say, helping my thru the process and with all her knowledge,helping alleviate my aches, Thank you!
Myriam F (9/12/16)

I saw Dr. Amna for a nutrition consult regarding some of my weight management and overall health goals. She recommended a three-week cleanse that helped me lose 12 pounds and get back into a more healthy routine and diet. Dr. Amna was extremely friendly and helpful. She had no problems answering my questions during the consult and throughout the process!

Dylan K (8/19/16)

Dr. Amna is a talented chiropractor, compassionate and professional. She was always able to alleviate my painful symptoms. I recommend her highly!

Mary B (8/13/16)

Dr. Amna has been a pleasure to work with. She answered all my questions thoroughly and does a great job of making you feel relaxed while being worked on.

Brian R (5/2/16)

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