Dr. AJ Gaines, PT, DPT, CSCS

Director of Physical Therapy

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Dr. AJ Gaines was born and raised in Freehold, NJ. He graduated from Saint Francis University with a Bachelor of Science dual majoring in physical therapy and exercise physiology in 2014. In 2015 he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist under the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  In 2016 he received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Saint Francis University.

He is motivated by seeing patients able to reach their goals and live to their fullest potential and quality of life. His love for hands-on manual therapy, exercise, and learning help him to be a well-rounded health care professional. He has experience with Saint Francis’ Neurological Wellness clinic, and training Division 1 athletes including 3-time NEC champions for women’s swimming. He spends much of his free time with other therapists and trainers, discussing new and exciting ways to help patients.

Physical health is not just a job for Dr. Gaines, but a lifestyle and passion. He participates in annual mission trips abroad to provide physical therapy for those who cannot afford health care. Additionally, he volunteers his strength and conditioning services to young athletes in his community, and lives a fit and healthy lifestyle himself. AJ enjoys hiking, sports, martial arts, nature, going to the gym, and competing in Spartan Races.

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Since I was told I would need physical therapy, Dr. AJ is the best thing that has happened to me. He’s excellent!! Not only is he caring, but is knowledgeable and explain everything he does. He genuinely listens to when and where I am in pain, What movements are causing me pain, and he addresses each individual problem with skill and a professional attitude. I highly recommended Dr. AJ. AND ALL THE CARING WORKERS AT THIS FACILITY.
Michele M (11/08/18)
He is patient , knowledgeable and give enough time
Victor H (10/31/18)
Dr AJ is great! He’s super professional,always listens to and respects my concerns and best of all keeps me out of pain!
Colette C (10/30/18)
My experience has been very good. I was a disaster when I first started here. I couldn’t lift a finger without pain. 2 months into treatment I am now moving a lot and have much less pain. I thank Dr. AJ for a great recovery.
Chris W (10/30/18)
I had a great experience with Dr AJ . He helps me with my knee and cares for me. He explains the workouts to me very well.
Sean M (10/29/18)
Dr. AJ has been a vital part of my strength and recovery team! He is always seeking new methods to incorporate into my wellness plan. AJ listens to his patients, designs a care plan that is realistic and encourages his patients to reach their potential. Thanks Dr. AJ for heading the team to my recovery!
Kellie S (10/29/18)

My experience with Dr. AJ has been excellent. He addressed my individual issues. I wasn’t just another patient. The exercises were innovative and challenging. I would highly recommend Dr. AJ and the entire staff at NJ spine and wellness.

Reva S (10/29/18)
Dr Gaines was professional and knowledgeable. He worked with my weaknesses getting me to be able to get back to work. He knew exactly what was needed throughout my pt. I would highly recommend Dr Gaines and the whole Nj Spine and wellness staff
Marc L (10/29/18)

Dr. AJ is amazing! He’s great at what he does! I went to him for my neck and jaw pain. I was with him through out the summer and my neck and jaw pain disappeared! He’s friendly, he’s down to earth and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thank you Dr. AJ for all that you do!

Lauren A (10/12/18)
My experience with Dr AJ has been terrific. At the beginning of my course of treatment, I was unable to sleep at night due to back pain. Due to Dr AJ and the rest of the trainers, I now am feeling so much better and enjoying a better quality of life and getting a full night’s sleep. Dr AJ is extremely knowledgeable, caring and focused on each patient and their specific treatment needs. It has been a wonderful experience working with Dr AJ and left with a long term plan to keeping me feeling great. Thanks again
Lisa S (9/2/18)
I came to PT after dislocating my shoulder at college. I went to PT there but it still kept popping out. After working with Dr. AJ, Dr. Chris, John, and Ryan, my shoulder no longer pops out. I feel stronger and more stable and have a lot less pain at work. They even let me watch the Yankees during my sessions.
Kayla J (8/15/18)
Dr A.J . Has been terrific with my rehabilitation of an L4 L5 bulging disc. My functions are pretty much back to normal and he is a great reason why I feel this way.
Thomas H (7/25/18)
Dr. AJ Gaines has helped me regain more rotational mobility and strength in my left knee since I began therapy with him a month ago. I experienced less pain after just the first week of therapy. In spite of the high volume of patients he treats daily, he is calm, caring and focused. He treats each patient he works with as if he or she is his single most important concern while still keeping an eye on his other patients as they exercise, offering suggestions for improvement in form for their best results. I highly recommend Dr. AJ for anyone in need of physical therapy.
Pam G (7/10/18)
AJ made the rehab experience comfortable, looked forward to going and get worked on.Had surguries where just getting to the rehab was a task,not at spine and wellness.AJ went about his business very professionally. THANK YOU AJ and Spine and wellness staff for making my rehab experience comfortable and rewarding.Left knee feels great…
Mark R (7/6/18)
Dr AJ was fantastic! I ran into AJ one day at the gym and we chatted about the knee pain that I was having. He recommended a course of action that within two months had me feeling back to normal again. I visited Dr AJ twice per week and his training sessions were thorough, fun, and most of all educational! I left NJ Spine and Wellness with a longterm plan to keep my knee healthy and moving correctly.
Gino M (6/26/18)
My experience with Dr. AJ was amazing! He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and truly cares about his patients and their well being. He takes his time when working with you and makes sure that he relieves any pain you are experiencing. Every visit with Dr. AJ was a pleasure. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to start physical therapy!
Maryam F (4/22/17)


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