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Health, Exercises, Sporting / 22 May 2018

4 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong

May is National Physical Fitness Month and we want you to get the most out of your workout with proper form! Our licensed Athletic Trainers here at NJ Spine and Wellness, Douglas Stringham and Kathleen Knauf are here to show you proper form for exercises that are commonly done incorrectly.


Incorrect form (photo on the left) – Most common incorrect pose for squats are typically knees over your toes, heels not on the ground, too upright (no hip hinge) and rounded lower back.

Correct form (photo on the right) – remember to have your form look similar to a Z. Torso should be at a similar angle to the shinbone and both feet flat on the ground. Be sure to initiate the movement with your butt going back while keeping our heels on the ground. Have your lower back in a neutral position with your core engaged.


Incorrect form (photo on the left) – to get the best out of your plank

you do not want your hips low,  your lower back arched, upper back rounded, and you definitely do not want your neck looking up.

Correct form (photo on the right) – to perform a plank correctly be sure to have your back flat, shoulders engaged, glutes engaged, belly in, and be sure to keep your head and neck neutral.

Mid-trap Fly                                                                         

Incorrect form (photo on the left) –When doing a mid-trap fly you do not want to have rounded and/or shrugged shoulders

nor do you have your head facing forward.

Correct form (photo on the right) – When you are performing any standing exercise you want to start with the best posture  possible so that you train the right muscles and not continue bad habits that can lead to neck/shoulder pain and headaches. With a correct mid-trap fly, you want your shoulders down and back, chin tucks, toes forward and feet shoulder width apart.

Standing Lateral Raises                                                                  

Incorrect form (photo on the left) – many people tend to put their thumbs down, have shrugged shoulders, rounded/arched lower back, and are leaning forward when doing standing lateral raises.

Correct form  (photo on the right) – when performing this exercise be sure to have your thumbs up, shoulders relaxed, knees bent,

and belly in. The most important part of any straight-arm shoulder exercises is to not point the thumbs down, because it

impinges your shoulder and can be harmful to your rotator cuff.

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