Nutrition in Old Bridge & Freehold NJ



Are you stuck on a weight loss roller coaster, suffering from a vitamin deficiency or struggling to integrate healthy eating habits into your lifestyle? Everything from minor illnesses to chronic health problems can be impacted by nutritional deficiencies and poor eating habits. Our wellness team provides nutritional counseling that supports whole body health from the inside out.


Nutritional counseling is available at NJ Spine and Wellness in both Old Bridge or Freehold, NJ. Nutritional Services are a great natural complement to our chiropractic services and wellness protocol. Our nutrition services can help diagnose an ongoing chronic issue or symptom may be having. Poor eating habits and vitamin deficiencies play a role in one's health and wellness. For example, chronic fatigue, unexplained hair loss, acne-like bumps along the face and body, and cracks along the corner of the mouth are symptoms of a vitamin deficiency. Just as chiropractic care restores balance to the spine, nutritional counseling brings balance back to the body’s internal organs. Together, these complementary treatments support whole body health from the inside out.

Our NJ Spine and Wellness nutritionist's work with patients to slowly integrate healthy dietary habits into their daily lifestyle. We never starve the body, deprive it of vital nutrients or play games with your metabolism. Instead, our measured approach to weight loss produces long-term, sustainable results. Once you drop the pounds, we help you keep them off! We also provide safe, all-natural dietary supplements that support your body’s health and natural weight loss.

NJ Spine and Wellness patients lose weight, correct vitamin deficiencies, and embrace healthier eating habits. We also help patients who are taking prescription medications for heart disease, joint pain, or other health problems that are triggered in part by poor eating habits. Our wellness team helps our patients transition to a healthy, lifestyle. Our patients go from being overweight, chronically exhausted and stressed to sleeping better at night, having more energy, achieving their goal weights and embracing an active lifestyle.

Following a detailed nutritional assessment, we will create a customized treatment plan that addresses your current health concerns and supports long-term wellness goals. From indigestion and bloating to emotional eating and difficulty concentrating, our comprehensive approach to nutrition addresses all of our patient’s dietary concerns, including healthy supplements that support weight loss.

Our Nutrition practitioners are able to prescribe patients with high quality, Standard Process vitamins, which are not available in stores. Whether you are struggling to lose weight, experiencing unexplained fatigue, or simply need to kick-start healthy eating habits, our nutritional counseling services can make a big difference for your health.

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