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Chiropractic Care

At NJ Spine and Wellness, we strive to be your trusted source for chiropractic care. Proudly serving the Old Bridge, Matawan, Aberdeen, Parlin, Freehold, Sayerville, and South Amboy areas of New Jersey, the NJSW team are ready to deliver you and your family total wellness. At our clinics, we treat a myriad of health concerns such as neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, recovery and rehabilitation from personal injury, sports injury or car accident injuries, headaches, chronic fatigue, concussions and more. Our focus is always maximizing your pain relief and we strive to offer the latest techniques and most comprehensive services available for your care.

Treatments available include: 
Allergy Relief
Migraine Relief
Prenatal & Postpartum
Game Ready Technology
Sciatica Pain Relief
Non-surgical Orthopedic Care
Free MRI Review
Regenerative Therapy

CHIROPRACTic treatments freehold and old bridge NJ

Many ask, how does chiropractic care work? When a person experiences limited range of motion or unusual force to the body, a subluxation of the spine can occur to our vertebral discs. This means that the optimal position of the vertebrae has been comprised therefore affecting how it will function with the rest of the body. Because the brain and spinal column are responsible for sending messages back and forth to the body to enhance the relationship between structure and function, a subluxation must be corrected for proper spinal alignment and physiological functioning to return to its desired state. During your NJ Spine and Wellness chiropractic visit, our providers will determine the underlying cause of your misalignment to evaluate which techniques will work together to remove subluxation and restore alignment.

Restoring proper alignment to the spine removes nerve impingement. By returning the nervous system to proper functioning, the body is able to send and receive messages properly and pain is often relieved. Spinal adjustments are also helpful in providing pain management for chronic conditions like sciatica. While the adjustment cannot eliminate the chronic condition, it does enable the body to manage pain symptoms. Regular spinal adjustments may be recommended to manage the ongoing symptoms of the chronic condition. Sometimes, sciatica relief requires a team approach in which other specialties within our clinic will be utilized to relieve the pain.

NJ Spine and Wellness chiropractors treat back pain and neck pain with spinal care. Our NJ Spine and Wellness chiropractors offer patients a personalized approach with every visit to any of our clinics.

Because we see our care as a lifestyle rather than a medical approach, we like to discover all there is to know about your everyday health, routines and well being. To offer the unique and personalized approach that we do, we'll ask many questions at your first visit with us. These questions will include a thorough health history and postural assessment, yet will also cover aspects of your everyday routines such as diet, exercise, hobbies, home life. By knowing these things about you, we're able to align postural adjustments with services such as physical therapy, massage therapy and orthopedics. Our NJ Spine and Wellness chiropractors value each of our patient's differing needs and show this by aligning a treatment plan that suits personal health goals.

To assist your spine to work together with associated structures to heal optimally, massage therapy and physical therapy are often prescribed to compliment your adjustments. These modalities can improve the result an adjustment can offer by soothing and relaxing soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia that are connected and surround the spinal column. Patients report an improved sense of well-being after receiving the many of our integrative services we offer. We are proud to offer a multidiscplinary facility. 

Your care doesn't stop at our office doors. We encourage and prescribe at-home corrective exercises, dietary, nutritional and supplemental suggestions and overall lifestyle therapies to complement the care we offer- keeping your health going all day long. Our office is a multidisciplinary facility and offers Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Wellness.

To schedule an appointment for NJ Spin and Wellness care, call 877-333-6579 today. You can also visit our NJ Spine and Wellness location page for details on our hours and locations.