Importance of Hydrating Your Body This Summer

Posted by Vincent Santorelli on Jul 18, 2017 6:19:13 PM

      It is getting hot out, and I mean HOT! The dog days of summer are looming ahead of us and whether you are lying on the beach or soldiering through pre-season workouts, we could all use a little extra H2O this time of year.  Staying hydrated is often overlooked but isvitally important to your body's functionality. The body of an average adult is comprised more than 60 percent of water; for an average 180 pound male that is almost 13 gallons! Now, that doesn't mean that your skin acts as a water balloon with your organs floating around inside. The H20 molecules in your body are building blocks for virtually all of the tissues that make you a human. Check out just how much water your vital organs are made of!

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Patient Spotlight - June 2017

Posted by Vincent Santorelli on Jun 20, 2017 6:22:16 PM

     Fatherhood: one of the most rewarding stages of life (or so I'm told).  Dads (and moms) are tasked with teaching their children vital life lessons and preparing them for their futures.  Many of these lessons take place on sporting fields, especially when Dad is the coach!  Thus was the case for Brendan.  A proud dad of two young boys: Jack, 6, and Troy, 2; Brendan loves nothing more than wrestling around with, and coaching his boys.  This all came to a screeching halt when Brendan's longstanding back pain took a turn for the worse.  Brendan sustained an injury 15 years ago while jackhammering at a construction job.  He managed the pain for years, but it eventually reached a point of debilitation. Sidelined from coaching and being a dad the way he knew how, Brendan was ready to seek help.  While at the baseball fields, Brendan's wife Melissa ran into the wife of one of our biggest advocates (and former Patient Spotlight feature), who we had helped through a similar situation.  Within a few days, Brendan was in the office and on his way to recovery. 

"I owe a lot to NJ Spine and Wellness.  To see the smile on my son's face while coaching him again is priceless."

     Off the bat (pun intended), Jen took the reigns of Brendan's care and coordinated appointments for imaging and doctor visits.  He was set up with his physical therapist Dr. Sam, who assured Brendan that he would be getting better soon and instilled mental confidence in him right away. From day one Brendan learned that there were no short cuts allowed.  Our rehab team led by Sean and Dr. Sam stayed on top of him and motivated him to not give up on his physical therapy.  Brendan’s therapy included progressively difficult exercises, which Sean monitored closely and modified when necessary. Even if Dr. Sam was busy with other patients she always gave Brendan the individual care he needed, and made him feel as though he was the only patient there.  "I owe a lot to her," Brendan said.  He also requested a special shout out to our relentless rehab team, especially: Sean, James, Vinny, Rebecca, Colleen, and Briana for always pushing him to do better.  Brendan is now back to coaching his son in baseball and is active out on the field.  He looks forward to returning to the hardwood coaching his son Jack in basketball this fall.  Brendan had one final (and very important) person to thank before we wrapped up our conversation.  "I couldn’t have done anything without my awesome wife, Shorty.  The time, energy and patience that she showed me was unbelievable.  She was my biggest supporter and cheerleader.  I will always be grateful for that."   Thanks are in order for you, Brendan, for being a great patient and an even better dad!

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Fighting Seasonal Allergies

Posted by Dr. Amna Rahmat, DC, CCN on May 30, 2017 6:04:16 PM

Notice yourself sneezing a lot more than usual? Do you have a runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, and sometimes-even rashes? It could be possible you are going through a form of chronic disease that affects millions of people a day...seasonal allergies. The symptoms above are a hyper sensitized response of the immune system to an unfamiliar substance in the body.  There are many types of allergens that promote allergic reactions, the most common being food and environmental.

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5 Golf Game Saving Exercises

Posted by Vincent Santorelli on Apr 19, 2017 6:05:12 PM

     Injuries mean time away from the course. Who needs that? Our Physical Therapy and Athletic Training teams have hand-picked five of the best golf exercises that you can do to improve your game and stay healthy on the course.

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Golf Injuries Debunk(er)ed

Posted by Vincent Santorelli on Apr 4, 2017 6:21:13 PM
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Patient Spotlight - March 2017

Posted by Vincent Santorelli on Mar 17, 2017 4:03:20 PM

     There’s just something about young children that can brighten your day, no matter what the circumstances may be. This is very much the case with March’s Patient Spotlight, a fan favorite, Gabby! Gabby is a spunky six-year-old that loves her stuffed animals. She enjoys playing tee ball and soccer, in which she is VERY competitive. When Gabby was an infant, her parents noticed that she wasn’t hitting her movement milestones. Gabby was over 18 months old and had not shown any signs of learning how to crawl or cruise. Gabby’s parents brought her to the Children’s Specialized Hospital for extensive testing on what could be wrong. Doctors even went as far as to check if she had a tethered spine.

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How An MLB Pitcher Replaced Surgery with PRP and Stem Cell Injection

Posted by Vincent Santorelli on Mar 1, 2017 12:48:09 PM

"UCL Tear" is the scariest phrase in MLB baseball from upper management on down to the trainers.  It often means the end of a pitcher's season and at least one calendar year of recovery.  For reference, the UCL (Ulnar Collateral Ligament) is a strong ligament made of three bands of connective tissue on the medial (inner) side of the elbow.  It is the primary stabilizer of the elbow, meaning it essentially holds the joint together.  During the pitching motion, the Ulnar Collateral Ligament stops the external rotation of the arm.  This point is referred to as being "cocked back" and at this moment, the elbow experiences forces equivalent to a 60 pound weight being pressed onto the hand.  The ligament then helps initiate the internal rotation of the arm to actually throw the ball.  Chronic stress (i.e. many years of pitching) or acute trauma can cause various degrees of injury (see our sprain/strain article here) which very commonly results in Tommy John Surgery.  This is known to medical professionals as UCL reconstruction where similar to an ACL reconstruction in the knee, a tendon is harvested from elsewhere in the body and replaces the torn ligament in the elbow.  The outcomes are generally great and some pitchers report being stronger than ever following surgery/recovery.   Sometimes, however, the athlete may opt for conservative treatment.

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PRP Injections

Posted by Vincent Santorelli on Feb 28, 2017 11:23:12 AM

     Your body is meant to heal itself right?  So why not exploit it to it's fullest potential!  From professional athletes to the general pop, PRP is on the cutting of sports medicine and can help you GET BETTER FASTER.  See what I did there?

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Cleansing and Detox

Posted by Dr. Amna Rahmat, DC, CCN on Feb 20, 2017 3:09:36 PM

More often than not, people perceive detoxification to mean one of the following: a liver flush, enemas, colonics, juicing, and even fasting.  This is not necessarily the case. Your body goes through a lot each and every day, and you may not even realize it.

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Patient Spotlight - February

Posted by Vincent Santorelli on Feb 15, 2017 10:18:58 AM

Teachers are some of our best friends. We are proud to be able to take care of those who take care of our children. As it turns out, many teachers need us just as much as we need them! Meet Nicole. She is a first grade teacher in Edison, a native of Matawan, and a resident of Old Bridge. A local gal. Around three years ago, Nicole gradually started to experience excruciating pain in her left lower back that ended up shooting down her leg. It got to the point that it was difficult to sit or stand, and started to affect her ability to effectively teach her students. “I got to school one morning and the pain hit all the way down to my knee and that’s when I knew it was a huge problem.” Nicole was out of school for an entire week just trying to recover enough to walk.  Doctors gave her medication to help the pain, but that just acted like a Band-Aid. The pain always returned and Nicole ended up in the emergency room soon after. Eventually the pain subsided and she was able to go back to her daily routine, but mild pain lingered in the background, along with the fear of experiencing that excruciating, bed-ridden pain again. “I should have seen a doctor but I figured it would eventually just go away for good.” Flash forward three years: the pain returned again. Nicole decided that this time she should be proactive about the issue. She finally saw an orthopedic that informed her following an MRI that she had herniated discs in her lower back. Nicole was devastated to hear the diagnosis, but it was simultaneously reassuring to finally know exactly what the problem was and begin to address it.   Nicole asked around for a decent physical therapy clinic, and a coworker sent her our Facebook page. She took note of our positive reviews and decided we were the right place to entrust with her care.

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